In our Merchants post we are highlighting the best merchants that we have found that are Canadian Friendly.

Online Jewelry Stores for Canadians

Free Shipping at SuperJeweler
Have you found the perfect piece of jewelry from Online Jewelry Stores? We’d like to welcome you to our online store, but also let you know that we do not ship the products directly to the buyers. We work with numerous merchants that will send you to their websites to complete the ordering transaction. Additionally, these websites may be based in the US, ship from the US and be in US currency. However, they provide our Canadian shoppers with the best deals to ensure that they get a quality product for a low price. We do receive some commission for every shopper that uses our website to get to them, but they offer our shoppers a great price to do so. Check out all that Online Jewelry Stores has to offer.

Jewellery Undoubtedly Makes For The Perfect Gift

There’s just something about jewellery that instantly make people feel special. Whether you are looking for a gift for wife, for your fiancé or maybe for the other special people in your life, you must give jewellery a well-deserved thought.

Buying gifts for others can be daunting, even when you know that person inside out. Just like black is the go-to color whenever you are confused about what to wear, jewellery is your go-to gift option whenever in doubt. But do not for a moment think that jewellery makes for cheap gifts off the rack. Even the ones that you buy at a thrift shop can scream elegance when chosen correctly.

Are you looking to gift your bride a stunning neckpiece or another solitaire on your wedding day? Or maybe it is your daughter or sister who is tying the knot and you want to make her feel special? Wedding gifts should transcend beyond the stereotyped rings. A pearl necklace or a diamond pendant in different designs will just add to her big day.

Or maybe you are not tying the knot yet and you want to make your significant other feel special. There are myriads of jewellery options that you can choose from. For instance nothing spells Love more prominently than a beautiful black and white diamond encrusted pendant. Or maybe go cutesy and gift a diamond encrusted cat-shaped pendant if your significant other is fond of cats.

Even if you stay away from gifting on ordinary days, Valentine’s day is a landmark day in every couple’s life. Your beau expects gifts even if they don’t spell it out loud. Maybe a ruby on a silver neckpiece or a bright ruby and diamond ring to make your lady love feel special on this day?

And why should these gifts only be for the girlfriends and fiancées? Why do mean stop showering their wives with gifts! Is your anniversary around the corner? There a number of gifts for wife but then again nothing wins the heart better than jewellery. Why not gift jewellery according to the jewellery chart for every year of the marriage? For the first year it is gold, for the second it is garnet, third is pearl, fourth blue topaz, fifth is Sapphire, 10th is Diamond, and 15th Ruby.
Apart from just your significant other, you do have to hunt for gifts for people close to you. Friends, teachers, parent, sisters, just so many people who deserve to be appreciated! A bespoke piece of jewellery can do wonders in making them feel special. Add a touch of customization or choose from over hundreds of designs. Whatever be the case your decision to gift jewellery will never go in vain.

And if you are worried about the pocket pinch, be assured that all the items are priced fairly and are offered at huge discounts too! So browse today to pick one that will make the special people in your life feel extra special.

Crazy for Bargains – Family’s Sleepwear

Crazy for Bargains has a large selection of sleepwear including pajamas, robes, slippers, and more for men, women and children. Licensed designs and prints seem to be a specialty of Crazy for Bargains, with themes such as Star Wars, Dr Seuss, Mickey and Minnie Mouse and more. They seem to have everything for a cozy night at home. If you want to dress the entire family in matching sleepwear, or if you’re looking for fun, cute pajamas, this is the online store to visit. They also have some women’s bras and panties in stock mostly bras, with the sizes going up to 48F for some styles, which range from bright, cheerful and fun through to lacy and saucy but tastefully presented Everything’s priced very competitively, hence the name.

The women’s range of sleepwear features designs in traditional snuggly flannel, comfy satin, knit, microfleece and thermal. Designs for women’s sleepwear include long pajamas, shortie-jamas, traditional nightgowns, robes, housecoats and footie pajamas. Prints range from conservative plain solid colors to pretty paisley and floral prints to fun my favorite is the seDUCKtive cotton nightshirt. The novelty range of designs at Crazy for Bargains has something for every woman, ranging from Christmas prints to quirkier offerings including Elvis, Betty Boop and I Love Lucy sleepwear. They also have a great selection of Women’s Plus-Size Pajamas and Sleepwear as well.

Men have a similarly huge range of pajamas, robes and boxer shorts on offer. Robe designs for men range from traditional white terry and plaid to a Santa Claus design that could be used as a fancy dress costume. Pajamas include traditional long cotton and flannel PJs, unions suits, shortie-jamas and footie pajamas which, in green, have a slightly military look about them. The novelty range is huge and has been designed by someone with a sense of humor. Boxer shorts have an equally extensive range, so if you’re shopping for any man in your life, you’re bound to find something appropriate.

Crazy for Bargains has everything you need for sleepwear for children of all ages from infants upwards, with themed styles as well as plain designs available. Styles include traditional footie pajamas to nightgowns and some of the infant’s designs are attractive enough to go out in public as everyday wear for very small babies. And there are pajamas and nightgowns for big girls. Most of the sleepwear on offer are pajamas, and it’s good to note that Crazy for Bargains has chosen designs and materials designed with safety in mind: all loose-fitting children’s sleepwear is either flame resistant or made of polyester to reduce the risk a must when choosing winter sleepwear.

Crazy for Bargains has slippers for the whole family. Most of the slippers seem to be of the soft-soled type, but the men’s range include traditional moccasins that look as though they’d stand up to walking outside to pick up the Sunday paper. The styles available are sure to put a smile on anyone’s face, with designs ranging from “oinking pig feet” slippers for children to very realistic-looking dogs and turtles for adults and the dog-shaped slippers come in a range of breeds Bichon Frise, Cocker Spaniel, Schnauzer and more.

Novelty sleepwear, robes and slippers seems to be a specialty of Crazy for Bargains, and you really can find something for everyone. For adults, you have the cheeky and sexy e.g. “Lucky Me – Lucky You” St Patrick’s PJs for men, Betty Boop for women, and for everyone you have the cute, the quirky and the funny. Crazy for Bargains has holiday themed sleepwear for all the family, including Christmas, St Patrick’s and Valentine’s Day themes.

Crazy for Bargains is a great place to get the entire family’s sleepwear. It also makes a great site to visit to find a perfect gift for someone who’s hard to shop for. The prices are very competitive the sales pages are well worth a look and the range is massive. If you’re looking for pajamas, slippers and robes, this really is a one-stop shop, as you can find everything you need there, especially if you want quirky sleepwear with a sense of humor. The range is massive and I’d love to describe my favorites, but it’d take too long to list them all you’ll just have to have a look for yourself. They also offer very reasonable shipping cost for Canadian orders.

Follow this link to get started. Happy shopping!

Buying A Wedding Band & Wedding Sets Online

Earlier wedding bands were made from iron, but now they are made in different metals, like white gold, yellow gold, platinum, silver, etc. The market is overloaded with a large variety of metals. Now the tradition of exchanging wedding bands has become one of the most amazing rituals and reason for celebrations.

With a wide range of options available for choosing your wedding band, it is undoubtedly a hard choice to make. A perfect ring cannot be selected without having a look at the huge online market and this can be done easily by the action of one click. But, apart from this, you need to decide which kind of ring you are looking for and which design will suit you and your style.

Another important factor you need to consider is the durability of the design of the ring. You need to choose a design which can not only suit your personality, but maintains the shine even when your hand is in work continuously.

When surfing online, you will get many online shopping stores to choose from such as one of my favorites MyJewelryBox. Some online stores offer different categories of wedding bands divided in simple designs and special designs for particular occasions. Most of the people prefer to choose plain designs for their rings because these types of rings can be worn at any occasion. Such simple designs can easily fit into any occasion and you can wear them for a lifetime.

Any design you feel will be good for you can be ordered in the metal you prefer to wear like gold, silver, platinum or tungsten, etc. Online stores provide all the facilities just like any other store. When looking for men’s wedding bands, there are very few options to look at but on the internet, you can find a long list of designs.

If you are looking to have matching rings for yourself and your fiancé then, you can get them easily at the online stores like MyJewelryBox or you can also give them the order to prepare them for you. Some online stores even have a different category of couple rings available at the store.

In case you are looking forward for fashionable rings then, look for engraved ring designs. These types of rings are made with unique designs engraved on the outer of the ring or inside giving a devotional message. You can always get any type of ring on the online store which can end up your search at the least possible time.

Tan Through Clothing and Swimwear

Are you trying to get that gorgeous tan covering every part of your body but failing miserably at it? Or, are you tired of those inevitable sun tan lines and uneven body tan you get each time you visit your favorite beaches? Well, you don’t have to worry anymore. Using tan through clothing and swimwear this summer is your key to solve both these problems. Whether it is to get a beautiful all over body tan or avoid repulsive suntan lines, tan through clothing is your solution.

Now you can get natural tan in a very comfortable manner while relaxing in your back yard. Tan through clothing, made out of a lightweight fabric, Microsol and MicrosolV, lets almost half of the sunrays pass through as if it were a medium level sunscreen around 6 to 10 SPF. Safe amount of sunlight is allowed to pass through the material without any exposure to harm. This is achieved through the presence of millions of tiny holes in the fabric made with the help of a special knitting technology.

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Tan through swimwear’s perforated material helps you get an even all-over tan without anyone even knowing that you are getting one. All you need is application of 6-10 SPF sunscreen lotion to areas which are not covered by your tan through clothing. Besides this, the material is so lightweight that you are kept cool and comfortable all the time.

Unlike other swimwear, bathing suits made out of tan through material are more flexible, elastic and tear resistant. Despite being made out of a lightweight the material, the clothing is not see-through, both, when wet or dry. The material is extremely comfortable as it dries up quickly, both when you are wearing it or you are drying it after a wash. This feature makes tan through clothing great for vacations and as travel suit.

In addition, the fabric is extremely smooth and presence of millions of pores let your skin breathe and stay fresh all the time. This creates a cooling and moisture-free effect by letting perspiration evaporate quickly. A feature that is very handy, especially in seriously warm weather.

Being fully washable by hands or through a washing machine, you don’t need treat the fabric with special care when it comes to tan through clothing and swimwear. Just treat them like any other laundry. Being bleach free and tear resistant are a few of the qualities that come in handy in this regard. And, as mentioned previously, the fabric dries up very quickly after a wash, adding to the overall ease of the material’s caring and handling.

Whether it’s T-shirts, shirts, swimwear or track suits, you can get any clothing online when it comes to tan through fabric. With lots of styles and designs available in every color, finding a tan through clothing or swimwear to your liking is not difficult. Search the internet and choose your favorite design to place your order. Now, you don’t need to visit your local tanning salon to get a fake tan. Get a beautiful all-over body tan through tan through clothing and swimwear. So why not shop at Tan Through Clothing and Swimwear Online right now!

The Body Shop Canada

Most people are familiar with the body shop and its full line of bath and body products. However, were you aware they also offer a full line of skin care products all naturally inspired and all with the health of your skin in mind? The Body Shop Canada offers a full line of cleansers, toners, scrubs, masks, moisturizers for night and day, eye treatment, and lip treatment for all skin types and all age groups.

The Body Shop Canada is a social responsible player in the global market of skin care and cosmetics. It works with its own suppliers to promote social responsibility. In fact, it was back in 1987 that the Body Shop Canada launched Community Trade. It also started the Ethical Trade program, and it continues to be active in promoting sustainability.

The Body Shop Canada philosophy is that the only way to be beautiful is via nature’s way. They constantly work to find the best natural ingredients to make the finest possible skin care products. Women (and men) enjoy the real benefits of this philosophy once they begin to use the products.
Click here to see The Body Shop Canada complete line of skincare for womenThe first Body Shop store opened back in 1978 as a Kiosk in Brussels. Today it is a bustling company with far reaching arms into all parts of the world. The Body Shop Canada has been operating since 1995. This is a company that has been listening to the demands of its customers for a very long time and then creating the type of products men and women are looking for.
The Body Shop Canada skin care products that are right for you will depend on your age and your skin type, but one thing is for sure, the pricing will never break the bank. In fact, if one didn’t know better they might think these are products are priced too low to be any good. Nothing could be further from the truth.

The Body Shop Canada skin care products are especially popular with the younger crowd offering great looking packaging, light, and airy fragrances, and plenty of choices. Some of their best sellers include the Vitamin C Skin Boost, the Vitamin E Moisture Cream, and the Aloe Soothing Day Cream. You might also consider the Chamomile Gentle Eye Makeup Remover – priced right and so gentle. This could be every woman’s best friend.

While you can never make all of the people happy all of the time the product reviews for the Body Shop Canada certainly are good, which is yet another reason why trying this product line seems to make great sense. Why not see what you think of these products for yourself?

See The Body Shop Canada complete line of Skin Care for Women

StrawberryNET Skincare

StrawberryNET doesn’t just sound delicious it is. For today’s young woman who finds herself facing all kinds of skin issues StrawberryNET carries some of the top skin care brands on the market. That means you will have no problem finding a product that works well.

StrawberryNET offers some of the popular skin care product names such as Biotherm, Dermalogica, GloMinerals, Joico, ROC, Borghese, Avena, Sircuit Skin Cosmeceuticals, Stendhal, L’Oreal, Clinique, Christian Dior, and more. They really do have one of the best online selections.
Shop Online at StrawberryNET Skincare & Cosmetics now!!Skin care products are available for all age groups and all skin types so whether you’re fighting acne or wrinkles, whether you have oily skin or dry skin, whether you like natural products or the most sophisticated chemical based products StrawberryNET can meet your needs.

Consumers often worry about the type of customer service they’ll get from sites that offer such a variety of products. You’ll be glad to learn, according to reviews the majority of consumers are happy not only with their products but with the customer service of the site too.

Brand names like those offered by StrawberryNET often sell for far more elsewhere. There’s certainly good value here. Reviews would indicate they have a strong following and a great deal of repeat customers. StrawberryNET offers:

  • Free shipping worldwide
  • Fast shipping
  • Ease of ordering
  • Secure checkout
  • Excellent customer service
  • Great selection
  • On time delivery
  • Competitive pricing
  • Loyalty program
  • Excellent return policy
  • Online order tracking
  • Affordable prices

StrawberryNET offer a 14 day return policy if you are unhappy with your purchase for any reason, although some restrictions do apply. They offer a full breakdown of their return policy on their StrawberryNET website so there’s no reason not to know exactly how it works.

The StrawberryNET loyalty program is definitely a draw for anyone who orders regularly. It kicks in after your first order and the amount of discount grows with each subsequent order up to a full 10%. Your discount will be automatically calculated when you checkout, making it ever so convenient.

For those who enjoy one stop shopping for all their skin care and beauty needs StrawberryNET is the place to shop. A full line of makeup, hair care, and fragrances compliment their skin care line up. Men and women can both find the products they need and with significant savings. Are you ready to enjoy the convenience StrawberryNET offers?

To see StrawberryNET complete line of Skin Care and more for Women Click Here!

Perricone MD Skin Care

Sometimes, you come across a skincare range that stands out from the rest. Perricone MD Skincare is one of these. All the products on offer (at very reasonable prices, too!) at this online store have been researched by Dr Perricone and his team.. Dr Perricone is a dermatologist who is best known for his hypothesis, now widely accepted, that inflammation is one of the key causes of aging and damage at the cellular level.

The skincare products available from Perricone MD Skincare are just part of the ethos of Dr Perricone. Not only have these products been developed using the findings of the good doctor, but they are part of a holistic approach to skincare. Dr Perricone believes that the mind plays a role in keeping the skin looking and feeling great, as does diet. And to go along with the skincare products, you can also buy Dr Perricone’s best-selling books on skincare (including fighting acne), aging and diet. And the website also has some excellent articles and a fun skincare quiz!
Best of Perricone MD
But what products can you buy from Perricone MD? The skincare range definitely dominates the bestseller list, with their top-selling product being a range of creams and serums designed to combat the surface signs of aging. One best seller that offers real value for money is the “Best of Perricone” seven-piece selection, which groups a cleanser, a serum, an eye cream, a night cream, a deep treatment product that could be called a “facelift in a jar”, a moisturizer and a very subtle foundation. These are just the best-selling skincare products – there are heaps more, including hypoallergenic products and specialized anti-acne products. You can browse the skincare range by product category or by your situation, e.g. sun damage, fine lines and wrinkles, deep creases, redness, dry skin, enlarged pores and sensitive skin. If you’re not sure of what your greatest need is, then take the quiz! A third option for browsing is by ingredient, which is something that not many online stores offer.

Supplements are another distinctive feature of the Perricone MD online store. As Dr Perricone believes in holistic treatment for skincare problems, you can also buy what’s needed to look great from the inside out. The best-selling supplement regimens are the Metabolic Formula for managing weight and the Skin and Total Body regimen. You can also buy supplements separately – the Omega 3 fish oil capsules should be on everyone’s shopping list, given what the medical establishment (not just Dr Perricone) has discovered about this nutrient in the area of cardiovascular health. The supplement range is categorised by purpose: beautiful skin, total health and weight management, or you can browse the entire catalogue at once.

One very attractive feature of the Perricone MD online store is their range of complimentary services, which include an exclusive discount club, a phone-in advice line and the refill service. You can also sign up for weekly newsletters containing the latest advice and findings from the world of skincare, nutrition and research. And your order often comes with a free sample of the best-selling products!

If you’re not sure where to start with choosing the best skincare products, the skin quiz is a great place to get started it’s almost like getting a free consultation with Dr Perricone himself. Visit their online store to find out more.

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