In our Swimwear Online Merchants post we are highlighting the best swimwear merchants that we have found that are Canadian Friendly.

Big Girls Bras

Most full-figured women face a lack of choice when it comes to bras. Since they need extra coverage and bigger cup sizes, they have to pick up whatever is available. But no more! At Big Girls Bras, you can browse for the largest collection of plus size bras and swimwear options exclusively for the curvy girls.

Their designers have a keen understanding of the needs of a plus size bra, and which is why their collection tends to the requirement for even the biggest cup sizes. Their cup sizes range from B to N, and even the bands are wider to better tuck in excess skin and not put undue pressure on the body. Comfort, style, functionality, and coverage is what you will get with Big Girls Bras.

Also, you no more need to pick up a shoddy and bland swimwear option just because you could not find one that fits around your bust. At Big Girls Bras, you’d be amazed with the eclectic collection of DD+ swimwear, fashioned as per the latest trends and keeping the plus size body in mind.

You will also be able to pick some great lingerie set or separate bras and panties as per your body shape. If you are unsure of your size, just browse through their guidelines for choosing the suitable bra, lingerie and swimwear option.

Another must in every girl’s wardrobe is a good shapewear that tones and enhances their curves. At Big Girls Bras, you can find shapewear specifically manufactured keeping the plus size body in mind, and are available in an array of options ranging from full coverage to semi-coverage.

The Right Bathing Suits for Your Next Cruise!

Swimsuits or bathing suits have been in existence for a long time now. Several reasons can be linked to the preference of wearing swimsuits. People either wear it for style, for water and weather protection or to flaunt their body.

There are many types of swimwear or bathing suits available in the market catering to the needs of women having different body structures and sizes. All these types aim to make the wearer look elegant and stylish, even if it is a plus size bathing suit.

These bathing suits can be worn at beaches or for the various pool activities. However, when going for a cruise holiday, it is equally important to have cruise bathing suits, as you will need it to be able to use the pool on the cruise line or participate in the various pool activities or competitions, if any.

Just like many other types of bathing suits, cruise bathing suits come in various forms. These forms or types are further discussed below:

Long-Established One-Piece Bathing Suit

Swimwear from Swimwear For All
Traditionally, these types of cruise bathing suits have been popular amongst all. A typical one-piece bathing suit is available in a range of styles and cuts. Moreover, they can either be patterned or solid-colored. One-piece bathing suit are recommended for a majority of the body types, however, individuals should be cautious of the cutting of the neckline and leg. We recommend Swimwear for All for One-Piece Bathing Suits.

Advanced One-Piece Bathing Suit

These modern bathing suits include back straps or even appear strapless in contrast to the traditional one-piece bathing suits that featured straps that were over-the-shoulders. Strapless one piece bathing suit is recommended for women who are small-busted, while back suits are more suitable for heavy busted women.


Fortunately, bikini does not necessarily mean a small and revealing suit anymore. These are another type of cruise bathing suits that can either be bought in a set or the pieces can be mixed and matched to suit your preferences and body shape. Bikini tops come in a wide variety of styles, including, bandeau, halter, triangle and full coverage. Likewise, the bottoms are also available in various designs and styles. These include thongs, string styles, high cuts and full coverage. We recommend UjENA Swimwear for Sexy Bikinis.

Plus Size Bathing Suit

These types of cruise bathing suits are obviously meant for plus size women. To be able to wear a bathing suit and look neat and elegant does not necessarily mean that you have to be a size-zero. Believing in this, there are many swimsuits available in the market that are specifically designed in a manner to make the wearer look elegant as well as stylish. We recommend Swimwear for All for Plus Size Bathing Suits.

All the different types of bathing suits are also available in plus sizes, for example, tank suits, tankinis, etc. However, when opting to purchase a particular design or style of a plus size bathing suit, it is essential for the person buying it to look for bathing suits that are made in comfortable fabrics. The choice of an appropriate fabric also affects the overall appearance of the wearer. Moreover, they should prefer swimsuits or bathing suits that are dark in color. Why not visit our sister site Plus Size Swimwear Canada to see the selection of plus size swimwear offered by our partners.

UjENA Sexy Bikini Swimwear

UjENA Swimwear is a provider of swimwear fashion for women, designing its own products still manufactured in the United States for over 25 years. Its line includes one piece suits, bikinis, prints, sheer and full coverage bathing suits, thong, g-string, crocheted, tonga and tankini swimwear. The company is renowned for its wide selection of mix and match swimwear and separates in underwire tops, halter tops and triangle tops. Resort wear, beachwear, club wear and cruise wear are also part of the UjENA Swimwear collection and ensembles can be made with the addition of sarongs, skirts, cover-ups, dresses and pants.

Because the company designs its own swimwear, new and exciting products are released on a regular basis to provide customers with one of the widest selections of swimwear in the market. The company also has a networking site where customers can post comments about their UjENA Swimwear and related activities and an event called the UjENA Jam where models and people from all over the world come together to be photographed, gain exposure and have fun. The network and Jam are unique ways that UjENA customers and partners who sell the company’s swimwear around the world can get involved in the company and reap some of its benefits.

Canadians have been buying their Bikinis directly from UjENA for years and why not! UjENA offers fantastic shipping rates to us Canadians. They will ship you up to 6 items for just $9.95 or you can ship as many items as you wish to Canada for a Flat rate of $18.95. Your items from UjENA should arrive in just 7 to 20 business days.

Bella Beachwear – Bikini Swimwear

If you are looking for the largest collection of bikini swimwear that is made in Brazil, Bella Beachwear from Canada is the place to look. The online site features a wide variety of bikinis that include Brazilian bikinis with halter tops, sliding tops, triangle tops, boy short bottoms and solid colors, as well as thong bikinis, crochet & micro bikinis and very revealing scrunch bikinis that offer lower cut bottoms and tops. Available in numerous colors, prints and sizes, the bikini swimwear is tailored according to the latest fashion trends of Rio de Janeiro. The selection on the site is so vast that the individual needs of any taste and budget can be met while enabling the customer to mix and match bikini tops and bottoms to suit different sizes.

The swimwear is made of high quality fabric Xtra life Lycra which is guaranteed to last for years. One line of the bikinis is crocheted by hand to offer stylish and sensational looks for the extravagance of a bikini model competition or just for the more routine local pool or beach. You can also customize your bikini by adding custom embroidery such as a special design, text, your name or a symbol which would make your bikini unique. In addition, Bella Beachwear has a special program wherein you can accumulate rewards points that can be used towards future purchases.

Bella Beachwear being a Canadian company allows you to get your next bikini without having to worry about extra brokerage fees since they ship from the Head Office in Kirland Quebec.

SwimSpot Designer Swimwear

Concentrating on swimwear and bathing suits for women, SwimSpot features a wide selection of bikini tops and bottoms, swimsuits in one piece, tankinis and cover-ups for swimsuits with a variety of styles and fits so that women can find the bathing suit that best meets their needs.

The site is easy to navigate and offers a variety of ways in which to shop for swimwear. Available options are by brand such as Vogel or Guess, by body shape meaning pear, apple, petite or athletic, style of swimwear desired, size such as plus size, petite or women’s, solids, patterns or color and price such as sale items, discount items and less expensive swimsuits. A special feature of the site is the Bikini Builder application which enables customers to create their own customized look. Customers can mix and match from a selection of hundreds of bikini tops and bottoms for that one-of-a kind look. However, the feature that distinguishes this site from all other swimwear sites is its Fit Specialist program.

Orders to Canada are shipped via FedEx International Economy for a flat rate of just $35 that includes Shipping, Duties and Taxes which if you think about it is a real deal. They will also have your swimsuit to you normally in 3 – 7 business days.

So why not visit SwimSpot, by Clicking Here for a wide variety of their Designer Swimwear.

COOLTAN, Tan Through Swimwear

COOLTAN, Women’s Tan Through SwimwearIf you need a solution to those tan lines that you get from wearing swimming apparel, then an innovative idea in swimwear is Tan Through Swimwear for women and for men. COOLTAN swimsuits and shirts enable you to get a natural tan through the fabric of the apparel. The fabric of the swimwear is made of Microsol and MicrosolV which is a lightweight material made of tiny pores that act as a sunscreen of medium level, letting sunshine through with an SPF of 6. The use of messy oils and lotions is eliminated and the lightweight fabric is cool and comfortable. Water is allowed to pass through the fabric thereby improving the hydrodynamic performance of the swimwear and keeps you drier and cooler even on the most hot summer days.

The Women’s Tan through Swimwear includes a collection of one-piece swimsuits and bikinis as well as matching cover-ups that include sarongs and running shorts. The swimwear is easy to take care of as it is machine washable and dries within one day after being hung up on the line. Returns and exchanges are also easily handled and facilitated in an efficient manner. COOLTAN swimwear and clothing are the easiest and best way to get a tan all over without those unsightly tan lines.

COOLTAN has been shipping to Canada for years to their many loyal Canadian Shoppers who are looking for a full tan. They ship to Canada via USPS/Canada Post starting at just $6.50 and are currently offering Free Shipping to Canada when your order just 2 or more items. The fact that they ship buy USPS and their partner Canada Post will help you cost down on high brokerage and handling fees. I do not think you will ever have to take advantage of their return policy but just in case they have you. You can return the items within 60 days and get a full refund!

So why not visit COOLTAN, by Clicking Here for a wide variety of their Tan Through Swimwear and Tan Through Clothing.

Free Shipping on 2+ Items

The Best Swimwear For Sunbathing At The Beach

The beach, no matter where it is in the world, is almost synonymous with sunshine and with sunbathing. Ever since the 1920s when suntans became fashionable, beaches have been the favorite places for people to go to stretch themselves out wearing their favorite bathing suit.

So what do you wear when you’re sunbathing at the beach? The obvious answer is that you should wear something that exposes plenty of skin so you can maximise your exposure to sunlight. Here, the bikini is the stand-out winner, as this only covers the “bare essentials” and lets you tan the rest. However, the bikini isn’t your only skin-baring choice: a one piece cut with high legs, a low cleavage and plenty of bare back also works superbly halter neck styles allow more of the back to be exposed. Or how about the clever “monokini”, which combines the flesh-baring qualities of the bikini with the one-piece practicality of the one-piece?

Not all bikinis are created equal, and the style of bikini that suits you best really depends on what you like to do at the beach. Super-skimpy Brazilian style bikinis that are barely there are superb if all you want to do at the beach is to lie down, sip a cool drink and read a good book, mixed with a gentle stroll in the shallows and a gentle swim in calm waters. However, if you like being a bit more active or if the waves at your favorite beach are a bit more vigorous, then go for brief cut (or even boyleg) bottoms and more substantial tops or you run the risk of strings untying and straps slipping. One of our favorite online Bikini stores is UjENA Swimwear they offer stylish and sexy nikini swimwear.

Any swimsuit will give you a chance to tan, but this leads to the problem of tan lines. Some women solve the problem by untying the backs of their bikinis while lying prone. Others try using fake tan creams and lotions. However, one solution to the problem of tan lines is to try tan-through swimwear that gives you an all-over tan without compromising your modesty such as the swimwear available from Cooltan Tan Through Shirts & Swimwear.

So, what will you choose to wear for sunbathing at the beach? A bikini or a monokini? A tan-through outfit or a racer-back one-piece? Spend a bit of time browsing to find the perfect swimsuit for you and don’t forget to look out for a cover-up while you’re at it to stay safe in the sun. Why not visit our sister site Swimwear Canada to see the selection of swimwear offered by our partners.

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