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Why Buy Halloween Costumes Online?

It’s not that long until you’ll get diminutive witches, ghosts and goblins knocking on your door and giving you the choice between tricks or treats. And your children are bound to want to get into the fun, so it’s time to start planning this year’s Halloween costumes. And don’t forget costumes for bigger people, too – there’s always at least one party to go to that requires you to come in fancy dress.

Well, you’ve come to the right place – shopping online via Shop Canada 24/7 is a great way to get this year’s Halloween costumes for a number of reasons. And, of course, like every other merchant we deal with, the suppliers we’re linked with are guaranteed to ship any order anywhere in Canada – directly to your door!

Shopping online is usually cheaper than buying from a bricks-and-mortar store, and that’s as true for buying Halloween costumes as it is for buying anything else. Let’s face it: if you want a really good costume, you have to be prepared to pay a reasonable price for it, so it’s always wise to look for the best deals possible.

But what if you’ve got no idea what costume to choose for this year’s Halloween costumes? Well, for a start, you can ask your kids to come shopping online with you (it’s so much easier to shop with children when you shop online) or just ask them what the hot costumes for this year are – or their favourites. Once you’ve got this sorted out, it’s time to start browsing the catalogues to find the sort of costume they’ve told you about. And you’re bound to find exactly what you want – there’s no danger of missing out on the perfect costume or not being able to find the latest Tinkerbell or Avengers costume in a physical store near you. And size isn’t an issue – all our merchants really do have costumes for all ages and all sizes – yes, even plus sizes.

If you and your children are stumped for ideas, then just go ahead and have a browse – all of the merchants we deal with have an absolutely massive range of costumes for sale, and you’ll be staggered at what’s available. The catalogues will certainly get your creative juices flowing – and don’t forget to look at the accessories.

One great thing about shopping online for Halloween costumes is that they are available year round, meaning that you can shop early for costumes rather than waiting for just a couple of weeks before the big day when the costumes start going on display in the physical stores. Shopping early means that you’re much more likely to be able to take advantage of free shipping deals. However, if you do leave it until the last minute (like a lot of us do!) then do not despair: most merchants have a super-speedy option to help get the costumes to your door in time.

Fancy dress and costumes aren’t just for Halloween, and the great range you can see in the online catalogues are available year round. This is great if there’s a fancy dress party on the calendar or if you’ve got to come up with a costume for a school drama – why spend hours with the sewing machine when you can buy a great costume online?

Here is our top Online Halloween Costume Stores for Canadians:

   1) BuyCostumes

   2) CostumeExpress

Online Shopping – Perfect for Moms

A number of Canadian women with small children find that online shopping is perfect for them. This is because going shopping with little kids can be very demanding and draining, especially if a woman wants to buy something for herself such as a swimsuit, lingerie or clothing. And even if a woman needs to buy, say, pajamas for her children, it can still be a hassle taking small children to a bricks and mortar store.

First, you have to load the children into the car and drive to the shop itself. And if you live in one of the more remote parts of Canada, this can be quite a long drive and is really only worth it for a really big shopping trip… and it can be quite hard squeezing time to choose a great outfit into the time you have. Even if your trip is only short, there’s a chance that your children will either act up, need diapers changed or fall asleep by the time you get to the store. And this cuts down your shopping time.

Then you’ve got the actual experience of shopping itself. If your child is only a baby, he or she has to stay in a stroller or even be carried while you try to shop. Have you ever tried to haul a stroller into a store changing room? There’s hardly enough room for the stroller and for you if you want to actually pull the curtains. And if you leave the stroller outside the changing rooms, even for half a minute to try on just one bra, your baby usually chooses this moment to start crying for Mommy, making you feel like a horrible monster who has abandoned her baby.

And it doesn’t get much better when the children get older. This is when they get into mischief. You might be able to leave the stroller behind to avoid the screaming-child-in-a-stroller while you try on an outfit, but this causes other problems. Small children seem to find all those clothes hanging up on display to be fascinating and great places to play hide and seek. Or they try pulling everything off the hangers (they can even do this from inside a stroller). If you’re in the changing rooms, small children have a tendency to wander in and out looking for you – and they don’t seem to realise that Mommy doesn’t really want the curtains left wide open while she tries on a frilly baby-doll nightgown. Or, even worse, a child might wander into every single changing room hunting for Mommy.

Even if a child is quiet enough to sit calmly in a stroller, this doesn’t guarantee that they won’t embarrass you. Small children will say things that you really wish they wouldn’t. “Look at all those knickers! Some of them are see-through! Why?” “Did you see that really fat lady going into the changing rooms?” “You’ve got really hairy armpits!” And a child who is learning to read may try spelling out the cheeky phrases printed on men’s boxers and want an explanation. Cringe, cringe, cringe…

Add in the fact that most changing room lights and mirrors are cruel, even to thin little supermodel types, and are especially vicious to post-baby bodies, and it’s no wonder that a lot of mothers with young children put off going shopping. However, you know you need some nice new clothes to help you feel good as a woman as well as a mother – you deserve it!

Or you can try online shopping, which is so much easier. Your children can play happily (or sleep) while you browse our catalogues, and if you need to give them some attention, it’s easy to bookmark the page or leave it open and come back later. Most of the clothing merchants we deal with have handy fitting guides, avoiding the need for changing rooms. And all of the merchants ship to Canada (for free, in some cases!) so you can shop confidently, knowing that wherever you live in Canada, you can get the gear you and your family need.

Why you should shop online

What are the advantages of shopping? Why is shopping online better than going to a bricks-and-mortar store? The answer is quite simple – it’s easier and more convenient for you, and can be cheaper, too! At Shop Canada 24/7 we are here to help.

Imagine these very common situations: (1) a person living in a remote location with only a few local shops with a limited product range, (2) a woman with small children who would like to go shopping for clothes or swimsuits, etc. but knows that taking the children along will be a real hassle, (3) someone who is pressed for time thanks to tight deadlines. Many Canadians fall into one or more of these categories – some fall into all three. These are the people for whom online shopping was invented. No more having to drive for hours to find a store with a good range of, say, ceiling tiles. No more trying to pick out an outfit while your kids create havoc and embarrass you by pulling all the clothes off the shelves (or babies screaming that they’re hungry or have a full diaper when you’re in the shop). No more rushing down to the shop during lunch hour and trying to fit in the travel as well as the time to pick out a gift or whatever you’re shopping for.

Shopping online brings a huge range of products to your door, no matter how remote that door is: if you can get the internet and you get the mail delivered, you can get the full range of products. Your children can play with their own toys or even have a nap while you browse an online catalogue at leisure – and if they cry or need attention, you can just leave the browser open or bookmarked so you can come back to it later. And with online shopping, you can do it at any time of the day or night – with a mobile device, you can even shop while riding on public transport.

“But what about the price? Doesn’t the shipping cost put the prices up?” These are very common questions, but never fear. Even with shipping costs, online shopping often comes out cheaper than what you’d pay by going down to a physical shop. How can this be? It’s very simple. A physical shop needs to pay for the power to keep the shop warm and well-lit. An online store doesn’t. A physical shop needs to pay rents, leases or land tax on the shop front as well as the place where the products are kept in storage; an online store just needs the storage area. A physical store needs to pay its employees properly; so does an online store, but the online store doesn’t need anywhere near as many employees to keep going and give good customer service. A physical store has to keep the shop front looking perfect to attract customers; a website for an online store is a lot easier to keep clean. All these things add up, meaning that even with the shipping costs, shopping online is a lot cheaper.

Some people wonder if the companies that run online shops are dubious fly-by-night amateurs who are just out to make a quick buck. We won’t deny that these shady dealers are out there on the Net, but you won’t find them here. We pre-screen every company that we link to on Shop Canada 24/7, meaning that you can shop safely. Your credit card information will stay secure and so will your privacy in general. A lot of the companies we link with are Canadian or US companies, meaning that you’ll be covered by the quality guarantees and consumer protection available in this part of the world, and you probably won’t have any language hassles if you want to contact the company directly.

Shopping online is extremely convenient and easy. And at Shop Canada 24/7, we want to make the process of shopping online much easier for all Canadians.

The Best Swimwear For Sunbathing At The Beach

The beach, no matter where it is in the world, is almost synonymous with sunshine and with sunbathing. Ever since the 1920s when suntans became fashionable, beaches have been the favorite places for people to go to stretch themselves out wearing their favorite bathing suit.

So what do you wear when you’re sunbathing at the beach? The obvious answer is that you should wear something that exposes plenty of skin so you can maximise your exposure to sunlight. Here, the bikini is the stand-out winner, as this only covers the “bare essentials” and lets you tan the rest. However, the bikini isn’t your only skin-baring choice: a one piece cut with high legs, a low cleavage and plenty of bare back also works superbly halter neck styles allow more of the back to be exposed. Or how about the clever “monokini”, which combines the flesh-baring qualities of the bikini with the one-piece practicality of the one-piece?

Not all bikinis are created equal, and the style of bikini that suits you best really depends on what you like to do at the beach. Super-skimpy Brazilian style bikinis that are barely there are superb if all you want to do at the beach is to lie down, sip a cool drink and read a good book, mixed with a gentle stroll in the shallows and a gentle swim in calm waters. However, if you like being a bit more active or if the waves at your favorite beach are a bit more vigorous, then go for brief cut (or even boyleg) bottoms and more substantial tops or you run the risk of strings untying and straps slipping. One of our favorite online Bikini stores is UjENA Swimwear they offer stylish and sexy nikini swimwear.

Any swimsuit will give you a chance to tan, but this leads to the problem of tan lines. Some women solve the problem by untying the backs of their bikinis while lying prone. Others try using fake tan creams and lotions. However, one solution to the problem of tan lines is to try tan-through swimwear that gives you an all-over tan without compromising your modesty such as the swimwear available from Cooltan Tan Through Shirts & Swimwear.

So, what will you choose to wear for sunbathing at the beach? A bikini or a monokini? A tan-through outfit or a racer-back one-piece? Spend a bit of time browsing to find the perfect swimsuit for you and don’t forget to look out for a cover-up while you’re at it to stay safe in the sun. Why not visit our sister site Swimwear Canada to see the selection of swimwear offered by our partners.

Free Shipping on 2+ Items

The Children’s Place Canada

The Children’s Place Canada offers a great selection of children’s fashionable and high quality apparel from newborn to age 14 years of age. Their selection of kids clothing is for both Boys and Girls and is offered at great prices.

The Children’s Place Canada Newborn collection includes: tees, tops, dresses, pants, jeans, shorts, swimwear, sleepwear, jackets, sweaters, bodysuits, layette as well as a great selection of newborn footwear including dress shoes, casual shoes, sandals and sneakers.

Of course The Children’s Place Canada caters to more then just newborns so you will find a fashionable and high quality of clothing for the kids from 6 month’s to age 14 year for every season of the year. The Children’s Place has become one of our favorite places to buy our back to school clothing each year and we find our self going online to order some new additions just to keep things fresh. They also sell a selection of school uniforms and we all know how hard it is to find clothing sometimes that meet our schools dress code.

The Children’s Place Canada is also a favorite place for getting both clothing for the kids in the warm summer months including their tees, shorts and of course swimwear. And when it its cold again in the fall they offer long sleeve shirts, pants, dresses and sweater and jackets to keep the children warm when they go outside.

Your order from The Children’s Place Canada will be shipped to you either by Canada Post or Purolator from their center in Mississauga Ontario. They offer two shipping methods: Ground Shipping which takes 7-10 business days for a charge of $8 and Express shipping which normally takes 3-4 days for a cost of just $15. And due to the fact that they ship from Canada there are no extra charges such as duties or other handling fees.

Rocky Mountain Trading Co.

Rocky Mountain Trading Co. is a Canadian merchant of quality brand name apparel and accessories. Rocky Mountain Trading Co. main office and warehouse is located in Vancouver, British Columbia. Rocky Mountain Trading Co. carry Shirts, T-Shirts, Sweaters, jackets, pants, shorts, watches, footwear, jeans and Outdoor gear like watches, packs, sleeping bags and more.

Rocky Mountain Trading Co. carry some of the top clothing brands including: Adidas, Bella, Burton, Columbia, DC, Foursquare, Foxy Jeans, Guess, Hanes, Nike, O’Neill, Oakley, Rebel Apparel, Rocawear, Sorel, Vans, Zoo York just to make a few.

Rocky Mountain Trading Co. offers outdoor clothing designed for an active lifestyle for Men, Women and youth. You will also find a great selection of footwear designed for all terrain and weather including Hiking Shoes, Street Shoes, Trail Runners, Work Boots and even Sandals. They also have a great selection of Camping and Travel Gear including: Active Day Packs, Travel Bags and Packs, Trail Backpacks, Hydration Packs, Tents, Sleeping Bags and more.

Rocky Mountain Trading Co. on-line orders over $99 get Free Shipping. All Canadian orders will be shipped through the Canada Post Expedited service. Also remember all products they offer are backed by their no hassle exchange / return policy.

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