In our Products & Services post we are highlighting the best Products & Services that we have found that are Canadian Friendly.

Save on Printer Inkjet & Toner Cartridges

We have partnered with a select group of respectable and trusted Printer Ink Cartridges & Laser Printer Toner Cartridges online stores that are based out of Canada or offer safe and reliable Printer Ink & Toner shopping for the Canadian Online Shopper. Our Online partners provides discount printer ink cartridges, refill kits, laser printer toner and fax toner. Featuring supplies for printer brands like Epson, Cannon, Dell, HP, Brother, Xerox, Samsung and so many more. Once you see an item you like you will be directed to our partners online store where you will deal directly with them so their will not be any additional charges on your order.

We do not sell printer ink cartridges and laser printer toner cartridges directly we instead fine you the best products and deals available to the Canadian shopper. We at have found that consumers have Five concerns when shopping for printing Supplies:

Price: Does an ink & toner merchant have competitive pricing? We are working with some great US suppliers of Printer Ink Cartridges and Printer Toner Cartridges to take advantages of the strong Canadian dollar. Even without the strong dollar you will still find a great saving from using our select suppliers.

Selection: Do they offer OEM Printer Inkjet Cartridges, Laser Printer Cartridges as well as alternative products? Our partners have a great selection of Printer Ink Cartridges, Laser Printer Cartridges and even Fax Toner. They carry a large selection of printer ink cartridges, printer inkjet kits, laser printer toner cartridges for almost any inkjet printer or laser printer available. Our Printer Ink and Toner partners have cartridges for popular brands like Dell, Epson, Cannon, HP, Brother, Xerox, Samsung and many more.

Do they offer recycled Printer Inkjet Cartridges & Laser Printer Toner Cartridges without offering a lower quality product? Our partners strive to make a positive impact on the environment by offering remanufactured replacement cartridges where they reuse what parts are possible to reuse without offering a substandard product along with new parts to guarantee you only the best printing experience. Plus their packaging uses well over 50% recycled fiber.

Quality: Is the quality of the alternative Printer Ink Cartridges, Laser Printer Cartridges comparable to OEM standards? Our partner 4inkjet has BizRate Excellence Award! With our Printer Ink Cartridges and Printer Toner Cartridges suppliers, you can shop online from them and you will get quality Printer Inkjet Cartridges and Laser Printer Cartridges available and as well the best customer service online.

Guarantee: What Guarantee does the ink merchant provide on Printer Ink Cartridges, Laser Printer Cartridges products? Our partners are committed to providing the highest level of customer satisfaction and guarantee the quality of their Printer Ink Cartridges and Laser Printer toners cartridges and printer ink refill kits.

Please Note: We are pleased to welcome you to the online shop. We however, must let you know that the products that we sell are not shipped directly from our online store. They come from hand chosen reputable sellers that are some times located in the US. This means that the products that are shipped from the US, and may be in US currency. However, this does not affect the natural price or shipping times of the products that you receive, or the quality. For further details about purchasing and shipping policies, check out the specific website that you’re brought too for check out. We do receive a small commission for the products that are ordered from them on our website. Thank you for stopping by!

Learn and Master Lessons

Learn and Master is a series of instructional DVD Training Courses, owned by Legacy Learning Systems. It is aimed at training users in the fields of music and art until they become a maestro in it. The entire series is fun to watch and follows a systematic and sequential pattern. Each skill taught serves as the base for the next one.

Learn and Master is a series of instructional DVD Training Courses
The DVD training courses have been developed so that people can become an expert in their area of interest without having to attend schools or institutes.  Even if people could enroll themselves in these courses, they would still be costly, whereas Learn & Master series is available at very affordable prices. Additionally, they also provide ease, convenience, flexibility and the comfort of one’s own home.


The DVD training courses have been planned in an intuitive way, and are simple to understand. Every lesson teaches the topic from scratch so that beginners and amateurs can also comprehend the material presented. However, the DVD training courses are not meant for novices only, they cater to people of every level. The videos will also teach people who have ample knowledge in the field, and will help them to increase their skills until they become professionals. The good thing is that every user can himself choose the skill level he wants to achieve.

Moreover, students can also access the online support community which will directly connect them to the instructors. They can easily contact them if they have any questions. The online community will also help different students to interact with other students who are using the same DVD training courses.

Offered Courses


Master the art of playing the piano with this course. The Piano course has been developed for both novices and adults. It consists of 20 DVDs, 5 play along CDs and a lesson book. The lesson book is a written version of the instructions being taught on the DVDs, and even provides lyrics of popular songs.


Train your hands on the drum so that the beats sound like music and not just an annoying noise.  The Drums course comprises of 12 DVDs, 5 play along CDs and a lesson book. Just like every Learn and Master Course, the lessons start from the basics and the first few lessons are on creating a rhythmic beat and playing a few popular songs. More advanced techniques have been covered in later lessons.

Ballroom Dance

Sway your body to the music with this Ballroom Dance Course.  You will learn all popular dance forms like waltz, salsa, tango and rumba through 13 DVDs and a lesson book.


Strike the strings and form soothing musical tones. Taught by Steve Krenz, the Learn & Master Guitar course provides complete training on playing this musical instrument. The course has even won numerous awards like the AEGIS Award for Excellence in Education and the Acoustic Guitar Magazine ‘Players’ Choice’ GOLD Award.

Learn & Master Guitar Series comprise of 20 DVDs in HD quality that are longer than 40 hours. In addition, there are 5 Jam along CDs and a lesson book.

Legacy Learning Systems has come up with a great Canada Shipping option that specifically for Canada at a discounted rate via UPS ground and will be delivered within five business days. So why not visit Legacy Learning Systems now by clicking here to see their series of instructional DVD Training Courses now.

TurboTax Canada Small Business Tax Software

TurboTax Canada Small Business Tax Software programs have been developed by Intuit Canada, which is a renowned organization in the finance and tax management industry. The Canadian Small Business Income Tax Software comprises of an online version, a downloadable application and even a setup on CD. You can choose any product you like depending on your needs.

TurboTax Canada Small Business Tax Software

Quick Facts

  • A step by step process
  • 100% accurate
  • Can prepare a maximum of 16 returns
  • Guarantees maximum refund
  • Provides the maximum possible refund and maximizes deductions
  • Capable of identifying industry specific deductions
  • Helps you in availing special programs so that you can get the maximum refund
  • Simplifies the asset depreciation process
  • Can create forms for your employers as well

Reasons for Choosing TurboTax Software

  • Step by Step Process: The Canadian small business income tax software fills out the forms by asking you simple questions. The questions are fairly easy and straightforward, and giving suitable answers is not a complicated procedure.
  • Functionality: TurboTax Canadian Small Business Income Tax Software will figure out all deductions applicable to your industry by itself. Moreover, it will also help you in spotting those deductions which you overlook.
  • Customer Service: Intuit Canada has a great customer service department which will readily solve your problems. You can contact them through email, phone or live chat 24/7/356.
  • Time Saving: The program is efficient and fast, and so saves a considerable amount of time. All your business taxes will be completed well within the deadline.
  • Affordability: The Canadian Small Business Income Tax Software is available at a modest price.


The Canadian Small Business Income Tax Software by TurboTax is a great tool to help you in all your tax issues, and will guide you out during the whole process.  It is capable of giving you the maximum refund possible and will maximize your deductions. The program checks all returns twice at every step so that you can get as many deductions as possible.
You can use the software to cover your tax returns for Multi-Member LLCs, Partnerships, S Corporations, C Corporations and Estates and Trusts. The Canadian Small Business Income Tax Software will automatically configure the question and answer sessions to your business type.
The program checks all sections thoroughly after you fill the form, and highlights all those problem areas which might result in an audit. Not only this, it even provides you with possible solutions that will resolve these issues.
Moreover, Intuit Canada has an excellent customer service department and technical support team that are there for you every time. You can contact them whenever a problem strikes, and they will solve it effectively.

The Bottom Line

TurboTax Canada Small Business Tax Software tops the list of Canadian tax management solutions because of its convenience, simplicity, speed and accuracy. The program is effective at reducing your stress levels and makes the entire process as easy as ABC. So why not check them out now by Clicking Here.

H&R Block Canada: At Home Tax Software

H&R Block has many years of experience in the field of finance and tax management. Their expertise has helped them in developing one of the best income tax software in the market. H&R Block Canada’s At Home Tax Software is a great program to help you with your tax needs.


  • Easy interface based on simple questions
  • Can prepare a maximum of 16 returns
  • Deals with all kinds of taxes
  • Tries to give you the maximum possible refund with Refund Maximizer


H&R income tax software is a really useful tool for your tax needs. The program is very straight forward and fairly easy to use. It will ask you a couple of questions while it progresses through different sections. You will have to click all options that are applicable to your return. Your answers will be used to fill the forms. One advantage of the interview style format is that it will help you in finding deductions.

While going through the process, you will have to give details about your family, job, properties and assets. You must check all the options which are applicable, and then the program will ask questions relevant to those only. Doing this helps save time. Remember that providing more information will help the software in giving you the best refund value.

There is also a Refund Maximizer which will help you in availing the maximum refund. A ‘Carry Forward’ feature allows you to upload your tax file for the previous years. This is extremely handy if you used another program in the past, but are now switching to H&R income tax software.

If you have any problems or queries during the entire process, you can always seek help from the Customer Service Department. They will readily address all your issues, and will solve them in a short time period.

System Requirements

H&R income tax software is compatible with Windows XP, Vista or 7, and takes up 25 MB on the hard disk. The screen resolution must be set to 800 x 600 pixels, and the display settings should be 16 bit or 256 color. You will need a printer if you want a printout of the tax forms. An internet connection is also recommended so that you can download the latest updates.

The Bottom Line

H&R Block Canada’s At Home Tax Software is definitely a must have program. The income tax software not only makes the tax process fairly simple, but also gives a maximum refund. The entire process is accomplished within a short time. Compared to other similar programs, the price is also less which makes it feasible for even an average budget.

Moreover, H&R guarantees to refund your money if you find any other income tax software that calculates a greater refund. This is a very attractive feature because if the program does not fulfill your needs, you can have your money back.

TurboTax Canada Personal Tax Software

TurboTax Income Tax Software formerly known as QuickTax Canada comprises of numerous applications which have been developed by Intuit Canada. This organization is a leading provider of financial and tax management solutions.

If you have not already filled your tax forms as yet, then do purchase any of the products in the TurboTax Income Tax Software category. There are plenty of reasons for doing so. The Personal tax software range comprises of online editions, downloadable software packages, CD software and even a mobile application. The available versions are Standard, Premier, Home and Business, Student and even a free limited software package.

Reasons for Choosing TurboTax Income Tax Software

TurboTax Canada Personal Tax Software
A suitable product for everyone: There are many types of products available, and every individual can find a suitable one for themselves.

A step by step procedure: The software will allow you to accomplish your tax needs in simple steps, which are easy to understand, and guarantee a maximum refund. You will be asked a few questions, and you have to give simple answers. The return is then mapped out so that you know your current position, and what is left of the process. Every aspect of return is in your hands, and you can easily control it.

Guarantees: TurboTax Income Tax Software offers many guarantees that will be of utmost help in the process. It is 100% accurate, and will help you in availing the maximum possible refund. Moreover, if you are not satisfied with the product, you can get your money back.

Customer Services: The customer service department is always there to answer your queries and solve your problems. You can contact them via email, chat or phone.

Key Features

TurboTax Income Tax Software has great features which you can easily use to your advantage. You may choose any product from their vast range, but you will still be able to access all of the key features mentioned here.

Less Time: The program has been designed such that the process takes the minimum time possible.

Instant Impact on Refund: You can view the impact of your deductions on refunds as soon as you enter them. This will allow you to make changes then and there.

Life Changes: You have to provide information on any new event in your life like a marriage, children or a new residence. Once again, you will immediately be able to see their effects on your refund.

RRSP Optimizer: You will be able to see how your tax refunds increase in accordance to RRSP contribution amounts. This will help you in making wise decisions about the most ideal RRSP contributions.

Pension Splitter: If you split your income with your spouse, you will have to pay a lesser amount. However, this is only applicable if you have CPP or corporate income. The software will also suggest an ideal distribution if you want.

Deduction Toolbox: You can claim numerous deductions in Canada, but only a few people know this. TurboTax Income Tax Software will search all offers for which you are eligible, and you can avail them. Doing this will result in a bigger tax income.

So if you’re looking for Personal Tax Software why not visit TurboTax Income Tax Software, by clicking here to see their great collection of Income Tax software.

Free Shipping To Canada

Many Canadians have discovered the benefits of shopping online. It’s quick, it’s easy and it puts a huge range of products where you can get them. But many Canadians, especially those living in the more remote parts of the country, wonder where the catch is. Doesn’t the shipping put the price through the roof? Some of our shoppers from places such as Whitehorse in the Yukon or Clarenville Newfoundland wonder if the shipping charges to their door will be so big that it would be worth waiting until the big trip into the main centres for a big shopping session. Well, we’re very pleased to say that this isn’t the case! On our sister site we have carefully collected a range of online merchants that realise that there’s quite a big country and quite a few people living north of the USA/Canada border (and south of Alaska!) and offer free shipping anywhere in Canada. And yes, we do mean anywhere that the mail delivers, even in the remotest part of Canada.

We know just how frustrating and disappointing it can be if you’re shopping online and you are getting all excited about buying some great new products only to find that the free shipping deal that is loudly trumpeted on the home page isn’t quite all it’s cracked up to be and it only applied to the USA. For this reason, we screen all the merchants with listings on our sites to make sure that the free shipping deals apply here. And that’s not all we screen our merchants for. We also screen them for reliability and security, making sure that your online shopping experience is enjoyable from start to finish.

Free Shipping To Canada
Here, we do have to mention some of the fine print and enlarge it, so to speak. With a lot of companies, the free shipping only applies if you buy a certain amount of goods. This amount is usually a dollar amount, meaning that if you spend $XX (it varies from merchant to merchant), the shipping is free. If you buy less than this amount, a shipping fee will apply. So please check the fine print! However, in most cases, the minimum spend isn’t that exorbitant and will probably give you the excuse to pick up a few more little extras here and there.

Sometimes, certain merchants have short-term free shipping deals, where you get free shipping anywhere in Canada (of course!) if you place your order before a certain date. We don’t want you to miss out on these great deals, so we’ll let you know about these deals (plus others) on our Short-Term Offers page. If you love online shopping or if you want to make sure that you get a bargain, check regularly so you don’t miss out on the best deals we can find. Plus once a year their is Free Shipping Canada Day where more merchants will offer Free Shipping deals.

We have also decided to add merchants that unfortunately do not offer Free Shipping, however do offer shipping to Canada for less the $10 so we decided to list them on their own page so you can take advantage of their very cheap shipping offer. In most cases it well worth the shipping cost.

So what can you shop for if you want to buy from companies that offer free shipping to Canada? Heaps of things! You can buy giftware, clothes for all ages, swimwear, baby and toddler gear, health and beauty products and much, much more. You’ll be surprised at how many companies do offer free shipping to Canada, and the range of products is huge!

So start your shopping with confidence, knowing that you’ll get the best deals and won’t have to pay through the nose for getting goods delivered to your door. Click on one of the categories at to get started and have fun shopping!

Genealogy, Family Trees, Canadian Family History RecordsI sure you heard of but did you know that they have a Canadian site as well @ that is not just a copy of it US site but a truly Canadian site with Canadian Data such as Birth, Marriage & Death records and so much more from all ten provinces plus Northwest Territories and Nunavut. will make it easy to build your family tree online, all you have to do is start with your very own name as well as other family members and then they will provide hits that will help you uncover more relatives that you did not even know about. You may even fine photos of long lost relatives as you continue to build your extensive family tree. is the largest online resource for Canadians for historical records from both Canada and around the world, and they continue to add more data from Canada on a regular basics and as an example of this did you know that just launched their Canada Voters Lists collection a few weeks ago containing over 80 million records and by far the largest Canadian collection on Other historical records from Canada include Census and voters list, Immigration records, Canadian Military records, School and Church records, Land and Will records and even Tax and Criminal records. Searching records such as these will help you find your own family history so easily.

Worried about having so much data at your fingertips? Not to worry they have a learning center to help you get started and guide you through the whole process plus they even have an ancestry member community where you can communicate with other members to ask question or even help them as you gain more knowledge. offers you a 14 day free trial so you can give their system a test run and then if you wish you can pay as low as $9.95 a month after your test run is over. Plus is available in both available in both English and French. So if you been putting off creating your very own family tree why not visit now, by clicking here to see their great collection of Canadian Family History Records.