Nov 112013

Mineral Hygienics – you might already have heard the buzz surrounding this very popular choice in make. Just look around Hollywood. It’s the number one makeup used by the stars. Mineral Hygienics goes on easy, stays in place, and offers you some excellent benefits.

  • Protection from UVB and UVA rays
  • Safe for all skin types
  • Non clogging
  • No preservatives, chemical dyes, silicones, talc, or fragrance
  • Water resistant
  • Recommended by Plastic Surgeons, Aestheticians, and Dermatologists
  • Will not cause acne or blackheads
  • Doesn’t streak and won’t rub off on your clothing
  • Non acnegenic and non comodogenic
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Offers even skin tone with a wide selection of colors
  • Affordable

Shop Now at Mineral Hygienics for makeup that is pure and naturalThe light reflective qualities of Mineral Hygienics will make you look younger, reducing the signs of fine lines and wrinkles. You’ll look years younger. The Mineral Hygienics ingredients are not absorbed by the skin. Instead the minerals adhere to the skin offering perfect coverage all day long.

Mineral Hygienics makeup works. It leaves you with flawless complexion that will take you throughout the day. It doesn’t fade quickly and the only way it’s going to come off your face is when you wash it off. Yet your skin breathes because your skin’s oils aren’t absorbed by the makeup. Mineral Hygienics can be used on all types of skin including the most sensitive. Finally a makeup that not only works but works well.

Mineral Hygienics is 100% natural. There are fewer ingredients than with the conventional ingredients. Mineral Hygienics is made up of four components, which include zinc oxide, titanium dioxide, iron oxide, and mica. Other mineral makeup contains other ingredients, some of which may be toxic.

Mineral Hygienics is proud of its product line, as they should be. They offer more than foundation coverage. They offer a full beauty product line including mineral eye, lip, and blush products. The Mineral Hygienics beauty products are available in shades for all skin tones. Mineral powder foundation tones include fair, light, medium, tan, warm tan and dark. Medium is the most popular shade used by stars like Jennifer Aniston and Pamela Anderson.

Mineral Hygienics finish will not only have you looking like you have the perfect complexion you’ll be protected from the damaging rays of the sun. The SPF protection by Mineral Hygienics is excellent. Zinc oxide and titanium dioxide are believed to offer the best form of protection from the sun.

Every mineral company wants to say they offer the “best” mineral products, so how is Mineral Hygienics different? Well for all the reasons we’ve already told you, but there’s one more – a 45 day money back guarantee you have nothing to lose. You can give the Mineral Hygienics product line a try and if you aren’t happy simply send back for a full refund. You’ve got nothing to lose and lots to gain. People will be talking about how great you look, wondering how you suddenly look years younger.

Why not order you Mineral Hygienics today and find out what Hollywood stars have been raving about? You’ve got star quality too.

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