Nov 112013

Murad Skin Care is about putting creams, lotions and moisturizers that help keep skin healthy, supple and glowing within the reach of every Canadian woman. It’s not about hype. It’s not about supermodels. Instead, Murad Skin Care is about good skin for any woman at any age. Murad is named after the founder, Dr Howard Murad,

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Acne Treatment Products: It’s not just teenagers who have problems with spots and pimples – this problem can dog women throughout their lives. Who hasn’t had a break-out as part of premenstrual syndrome or just before a big date or an important interview? Murad has a selection of cleansers and spot treatments that tackle this problem head-on. Murad’s products aim to balance the skin’s oil production, stopping spots before they start without harsh chemicals that leave the skin feeling dry and itchy. In the anti-acne range, Murad have cleansers, toners, body washes, concealers (to hide and treat those spots for that important occasion) and treatment gels, all for very reasonable prices. You can buy Murad’s anti-acne products in a set or individually – perfect if you have a favourite product you use a lot of. One really great feature of Murad’s anti-acne range is that they have a money-back guarantee: if you don’t see an improvement in your acne within four weeks, you get a 100% refund!

Anti-Aging Skin Treatments: Unlike other anti-aging cosmetic manufacturers, Murad doesn’t have one product to treat all the signs of aging. Instead, you can pick the products you like from the range that suits your needs best – do you want something to reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles (countering genetic aging), something that will make skin appear firmer (countering hormonal aging), or something to fade age spots or uneven skin tone (countering environmental aging)? You can buy sets to target your particular problem area, or mix and match between ranges to suit your individual needs.

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Anti-Cellulite Skin Care Products: Murad has an award-winning system for fighting those unsightly lumps and bumps that turn up on the buttocks and thighs of all women over a certain age, no matter how skinny or fat they are. As well as making a selection of firming serums and creams available to reduce the appearance of cellulite, Murad also has an informative and entertaining book available that explains how to combat cellulite from the inside out – it’s not about crash diets; it’s about lifestyle.

Alongside specialised products to help with these three problem areas, Murad also have a number of other products that suit all skin types at all ages, such as sunscreen. Those who suffer from redness or sensitive skin will be pleased to see the range of soothing skin care products designed to help with this problem.

Murad’s skincare products are all reasonably priced, but for even better deals on anti-aging, acne treatment and anti-cellulite products, you can join the Murad Club – their “Auto-Refill” program, for example, gives you free shipping on every fifth order, making it super-easy to get the products you love delivered directly to your door.

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