Nov 112013

Sometimes, you come across a skincare range that stands out from the rest. Perricone MD Skincare is one of these. All the products on offer (at very reasonable prices, too!) at this online store have been researched by Dr Perricone and his team.. Dr Perricone is a dermatologist who is best known for his hypothesis, now widely accepted, that inflammation is one of the key causes of aging and damage at the cellular level.

The skincare products available from Perricone MD Skincare are just part of the ethos of Dr Perricone. Not only have these products been developed using the findings of the good doctor, but they are part of a holistic approach to skincare. Dr Perricone believes that the mind plays a role in keeping the skin looking and feeling great, as does diet. And to go along with the skincare products, you can also buy Dr Perricone’s best-selling books on skincare (including fighting acne), aging and diet. And the website also has some excellent articles and a fun skincare quiz!
Best of Perricone MD
But what products can you buy from Perricone MD? The skincare range definitely dominates the bestseller list, with their top-selling product being a range of creams and serums designed to combat the surface signs of aging. One best seller that offers real value for money is the “Best of Perricone” seven-piece selection, which groups a cleanser, a serum, an eye cream, a night cream, a deep treatment product that could be called a “facelift in a jar”, a moisturizer and a very subtle foundation. These are just the best-selling skincare products – there are heaps more, including hypoallergenic products and specialized anti-acne products. You can browse the skincare range by product category or by your situation, e.g. sun damage, fine lines and wrinkles, deep creases, redness, dry skin, enlarged pores and sensitive skin. If you’re not sure of what your greatest need is, then take the quiz! A third option for browsing is by ingredient, which is something that not many online stores offer.

Supplements are another distinctive feature of the Perricone MD online store. As Dr Perricone believes in holistic treatment for skincare problems, you can also buy what’s needed to look great from the inside out. The best-selling supplement regimens are the Metabolic Formula for managing weight and the Skin and Total Body regimen. You can also buy supplements separately – the Omega 3 fish oil capsules should be on everyone’s shopping list, given what the medical establishment (not just Dr Perricone) has discovered about this nutrient in the area of cardiovascular health. The supplement range is categorised by purpose: beautiful skin, total health and weight management, or you can browse the entire catalogue at once.

One very attractive feature of the Perricone MD online store is their range of complimentary services, which include an exclusive discount club, a phone-in advice line and the refill service. You can also sign up for weekly newsletters containing the latest advice and findings from the world of skincare, nutrition and research. And your order often comes with a free sample of the best-selling products!

If you’re not sure where to start with choosing the best skincare products, the skin quiz is a great place to get started it’s almost like getting a free consultation with Dr Perricone himself. Visit their online store to find out more.

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