Nov 112013

Most people are familiar with the body shop and its full line of bath and body products. However, were you aware they also offer a full line of skin care products all naturally inspired and all with the health of your skin in mind? The Body Shop Canada offers a full line of cleansers, toners, scrubs, masks, moisturizers for night and day, eye treatment, and lip treatment for all skin types and all age groups.

The Body Shop Canada is a social responsible player in the global market of skin care and cosmetics. It works with its own suppliers to promote social responsibility. In fact, it was back in 1987 that the Body Shop Canada launched Community Trade. It also started the Ethical Trade program, and it continues to be active in promoting sustainability.

The Body Shop Canada philosophy is that the only way to be beautiful is via nature’s way. They constantly work to find the best natural ingredients to make the finest possible skin care products. Women (and men) enjoy the real benefits of this philosophy once they begin to use the products.
Click here to see The Body Shop Canada complete line of skincare for womenThe first Body Shop store opened back in 1978 as a Kiosk in Brussels. Today it is a bustling company with far reaching arms into all parts of the world. The Body Shop Canada has been operating since 1995. This is a company that has been listening to the demands of its customers for a very long time and then creating the type of products men and women are looking for.
The Body Shop Canada skin care products that are right for you will depend on your age and your skin type, but one thing is for sure, the pricing will never break the bank. In fact, if one didn’t know better they might think these are products are priced too low to be any good. Nothing could be further from the truth.

The Body Shop Canada skin care products are especially popular with the younger crowd offering great looking packaging, light, and airy fragrances, and plenty of choices. Some of their best sellers include the Vitamin C Skin Boost, the Vitamin E Moisture Cream, and the Aloe Soothing Day Cream. You might also consider the Chamomile Gentle Eye Makeup Remover – priced right and so gentle. This could be every woman’s best friend.

While you can never make all of the people happy all of the time the product reviews for the Body Shop Canada certainly are good, which is yet another reason why trying this product line seems to make great sense. Why not see what you think of these products for yourself?

See The Body Shop Canada complete line of Skin Care for Women