Feb 112018

Crazy for Bargains has a large selection of sleepwear including pajamas, robes, slippers, and more for men, women and children. Licensed designs and prints seem to be a specialty of Crazy for Bargains, with themes such as Star Wars, Dr Seuss, Mickey and Minnie Mouse and more. They seem to have everything for a cozy night at home. If you want to dress the entire family in matching sleepwear, or if you’re looking for fun, cute pajamas, this is the online store to visit. They also have some women’s bras and panties in stock mostly bras, with the sizes going up to 48F for some styles, which range from bright, cheerful and fun through to lacy and saucy but tastefully presented Everything’s priced very competitively, hence the name.

The women’s range of sleepwear features designs in traditional snuggly flannel, comfy satin, knit, microfleece and thermal. Designs for women’s sleepwear include long pajamas, shortie-jamas, traditional nightgowns, robes, housecoats and footie pajamas. Prints range from conservative plain solid colors to pretty paisley and floral prints to fun my favorite is the seDUCKtive cotton nightshirt. The novelty range of designs at Crazy for Bargains has something for every woman, ranging from Christmas prints to quirkier offerings including Elvis, Betty Boop and I Love Lucy sleepwear. They also have a great selection of Women’s Plus-Size Pajamas and Sleepwear as well.

Men have a similarly huge range of pajamas, robes and boxer shorts on offer. Robe designs for men range from traditional white terry and plaid to a Santa Claus design that could be used as a fancy dress costume. Pajamas include traditional long cotton and flannel PJs, unions suits, shortie-jamas and footie pajamas which, in green, have a slightly military look about them. The novelty range is huge and has been designed by someone with a sense of humor. Boxer shorts have an equally extensive range, so if you’re shopping for any man in your life, you’re bound to find something appropriate.

Crazy for Bargains has everything you need for sleepwear for children of all ages from infants upwards, with themed styles as well as plain designs available. Styles include traditional footie pajamas to nightgowns and some of the infant’s designs are attractive enough to go out in public as everyday wear for very small babies. And there are pajamas and nightgowns for big girls. Most of the sleepwear on offer are pajamas, and it’s good to note that Crazy for Bargains has chosen designs and materials designed with safety in mind: all loose-fitting children’s sleepwear is either flame resistant or made of polyester to reduce the risk a must when choosing winter sleepwear.

Crazy for Bargains has slippers for the whole family. Most of the slippers seem to be of the soft-soled type, but the men’s range include traditional moccasins that look as though they’d stand up to walking outside to pick up the Sunday paper. The styles available are sure to put a smile on anyone’s face, with designs ranging from “oinking pig feet” slippers for children to very realistic-looking dogs and turtles for adults and the dog-shaped slippers come in a range of breeds Bichon Frise, Cocker Spaniel, Schnauzer and more.

Novelty sleepwear, robes and slippers seems to be a specialty of Crazy for Bargains, and you really can find something for everyone. For adults, you have the cheeky and sexy e.g. “Lucky Me – Lucky You” St Patrick’s PJs for men, Betty Boop for women, and for everyone you have the cute, the quirky and the funny. Crazy for Bargains has holiday themed sleepwear for all the family, including Christmas, St Patrick’s and Valentine’s Day themes.

Crazy for Bargains is a great place to get the entire family’s sleepwear. It also makes a great site to visit to find a perfect gift for someone who’s hard to shop for. The prices are very competitive the sales pages are well worth a look and the range is massive. If you’re looking for pajamas, slippers and robes, this really is a one-stop shop, as you can find everything you need there, especially if you want quirky sleepwear with a sense of humor. The range is massive and I’d love to describe my favorites, but it’d take too long to list them all you’ll just have to have a look for yourself. They also offer very reasonable shipping cost for Canadian orders.

Follow this link to get started. Happy shopping!