Apr 122014

Are you trying to get that gorgeous tan covering every part of your body but failing miserably at it? Or, are you tired of those inevitable sun tan lines and uneven body tan you get each time you visit your favorite beaches? Well, you don’t have to worry anymore. Using tan through clothing and swimwear this summer is your key to solve both these problems. Whether it is to get a beautiful all over body tan or avoid repulsive suntan lines, tan through clothing is your solution.

Now you can get natural tan in a very comfortable manner while relaxing in your back yard. Tan through clothing, made out of a lightweight fabric, Microsol and MicrosolV, lets almost half of the sunrays pass through as if it were a medium level sunscreen around 6 to 10 SPF. Safe amount of sunlight is allowed to pass through the material without any exposure to harm. This is achieved through the presence of millions of tiny holes in the fabric made with the help of a special knitting technology.

Tan through swimwear’s perforated material helps you get an even all-over tan without anyone even knowing that you are getting one. All you need is application of 6-10 SPF sunscreen lotion to areas which are not covered by your tan through clothing. Besides this, the material is so lightweight that you are kept cool and comfortable all the time.

Unlike other swimwear, bathing suits made out of tan through material are more flexible, elastic and tear resistant. Despite being made out of a lightweight the material, the clothing is not see-through, both, when wet or dry. The material is extremely comfortable as it dries up quickly, both when you are wearing it or you are drying it after a wash. This feature makes tan through clothing great for vacations and as travel suit.

In addition, the fabric is extremely smooth and presence of millions of pores let your skin breathe and stay fresh all the time. This creates a cooling and moisture-free effect by letting perspiration evaporate quickly. A feature that is very handy, especially in seriously warm weather.

Being fully washable by hands or through a washing machine, you don’t need treat the fabric with special care when it comes to tan through clothing and swimwear. Just treat them like any other laundry. Being bleach free and tear resistant are a few of the qualities that come in handy in this regard. And, as mentioned previously, the fabric dries up very quickly after a wash, adding to the overall ease of the material’s caring and handling.

Whether it’s T-shirts, shirts, swimwear or track suits, you can get any clothing online when it comes to tan through fabric. With lots of styles and designs available in every color, finding a tan through clothing or swimwear to your liking is not difficult. Search the internet and choose your favorite design to place your order. Now, you don’t need to visit your local tanning salon to get a fake tan. Get a beautiful all-over body tan through tan through clothing and swimwear. We no longer have a working relationship with Tan Through Clothing and Swimwear.