Aug 172012

Under Armour Canada is your one stop shopping website for sports clothing, athletic shoes and accessories. Under Armour offers you the most innovative athletic footwear and clothing available to Canadians. When you visit their website you will see that they offer athletic clothing and footwear for the whole family.

They offer a get selection of athletic shirts and tops from hoodies & sweatshirts to graphic T’s & tanks. They also have the bottom half covered as well with their great selection of paints, shorts and leggings.

The collection of footwear includes top of the line running shoes, basketball shoes, cleats and even sandals. They even have a new collection of hunting boots!!

I believe that Under Armour Canada is well known do to their collection of comfortable and practical line of men’s and women’s underwear. Their collection of comfortable and quick dry underwear is a hit with athletes right across Canada and beyond or boarders. Their latest collection of underwear is their UA Elite that uses ultra soft nylon with a wider band for comport. Under Armour also offers a nice collection of sports bras for low to high impact comfort and support.

With our Canadian weather we know that our weather changes from day to day and from season to season that’s why Under Armour Canada offers us a selection of men’s and women’s performance thermal underwear that keeps you ware without the heavy bulk to weigh you down. Please they have you covered when it comes to outerwear as well to keep you dry and warm while being stylish from their jackets and vest to their shorts pants.

Under Armour Canada offers us Free Shipping with orders of just $125 and often they reduce that minimum or even eliminate it all together so I suggest checking their website for their current shipping offer.