May 302012

COOLTAN, Women’s Tan Through SwimwearIf you need a solution to those tan lines that you get from wearing swimming apparel, then an innovative idea in swimwear is Tan Through Swimwear for women and for men. COOLTAN swimsuits and shirts enable you to get a natural tan through the fabric of the apparel. The fabric of the swimwear is made of Microsol and MicrosolV which is a lightweight material made of tiny pores that act as a sunscreen of medium level, letting sunshine through with an SPF of 6. The use of messy oils and lotions is eliminated and the lightweight fabric is cool and comfortable. Water is allowed to pass through the fabric thereby improving the hydrodynamic performance of the swimwear and keeps you drier and cooler even on the most hot summer days.

The Women’s Tan through Swimwear includes a collection of one-piece swimsuits and bikinis as well as matching cover-ups that include sarongs and running shorts. The swimwear is easy to take care of as it is machine washable and dries within one day after being hung up on the line. Returns and exchanges are also easily handled and facilitated in an efficient manner. COOLTAN swimwear and clothing are the easiest and best way to get a tan all over without those unsightly tan lines.

COOLTAN has been shipping to Canada for years to their many loyal Canadian Shoppers who are looking for a full tan. They ship to Canada via USPS/Canada Post starting at just $6.50 and are currently offering Free Shipping to Canada when your order just 2 or more items. The fact that they ship buy USPS and their partner Canada Post will help you cost down on high brokerage and handling fees. I do not think you will ever have to take advantage of their return policy but just in case they have you. You can return the items within 60 days and get a full refund!

So why not visit COOLTAN, by Clicking Here for a wide variety of their Tan Through Swimwear and Tan Through Clothing.

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