Apr 192012

Decorative Ceiling TilesDecorative Ceiling Tiles specialize of course in Ceiling Tiles as you would expect and have the largest selection available on the market. They have ceiling tiles from the most economical to the highest end hand panted ceiling tiles. Their ceiling tiles range from Styrofoam Ceiling Tiles, Faux Tin Ceiling Tiles which are made from PVC, Tin Ceiling Tiles, Aluminum Ceiling Tiles and Solid Copper Ceiling Tiles for that extra special project where nothing but copper will do.

As you may know there are not many products when it comes to covering up ugly ceilings that are easy to install, affordable that also look good. That is why Decorative Ceiling Tiles is a great option with their line of decorative products for ceilings. Their products of ceiling tiles are new to the market and are gaining popularity with each and every easy installation that one of their customer’s experience after ordering ceiling tiles from them.

Decorative Ceiling Tiles is not just another online company selling you ceiling tiles, Decorative Ceiling Tiles is ran by one of the nicest people you can ever work with and that person is Milan Jara and now he not even Canadian! Milan lives and operates from Margate, Florida. Through my working relationship with Milan on one of my other sites Decorative Ceiling Tiles for Canadians he has worked with me and other Canadians to make it easier for Canadian to shop online at his site. Decorative Ceiling Tiles even ships some of their tiles directly from Canada!! But not to worry if your products are shipped from the USA they will ship to you by FedEx Ground at $20 plus a per tile charge depending on the weight of the tiles, normally ranging from $0.45 – $1.50 per tiles and they will even pickup the brokerage fees!! No wonder they are telling me that more and more Canadian are ordering from them every week.

Decorative Ceiling Tiles offers mainly 5 different types of ceiling tiles: 1) Styrofoam Ceiling Tiles, which is a very economical option that are 3 dimensional and will even cover-up stucco ceilings. 2) Flax Tin Ceiling Tiles that are made from PVC but made to look like Tin so you get the look of a tin ceiling for a fraction of the cost. 3) Tin Ceiling Tiles that are authentic historically correct. 4) Aluminum Ceiling Tiles, which are similar to Tin Ceiling tiles however they will never rust. 5) Copper Ceiling Tiles when nothing else but the real solid copper tile will do.

So why not visit Decorative Ceiling Tiles, by Clicking Here for a wide variety of Decorative Ceiling Tiles.