Nov 112013

Back in 1851, a pharmacist opened a store in the middle of New York. While a lot of Mr. Kiehl’s contemporaries have gone the way of gaslights and the crinoline, Kiehl’s is still going strong. Why? Quite simply, because Kiehl’s produces excellent products using natural-based ingredients that people in Canada as well as the US have come to love and trust.

Kiehl’s has maintained its links with the past in the presentation of its wide range of products. While the products are produced to the highest of modern standards and meet all the safety regulations, they still have the type-face of the old Victorian pharmacist. It’s not about pretty pictures; it’s all about down-to-earth quality and a fine old tradition.

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Kiehl’s specialises in lotions and potions for the hair, body and skin, and their preparations combine the best of modern technology and knowledge with the best of traditional old ingredients. And the list of interesting natural ingredients that Kiehl’s includes in their products just keeps expanding – including Argan oil hair products (sometimes known as Moroccan oil), which is taking the world by storm… and their Argan oil all comes from a Fair Trade that helps local people in North Africa with reforestation projects as well as giving them a valuable industry.

And that’s just a small sample of the Kiehl’s ethos and the Kiehl’s range of products. One thing we especially love about the Kiehl’s line – apart from the free shipping anywhere in Canada on orders over $60 – is the men’s line of products. Kiehl’s has been providing men with shaving gear since the days of cut-throat razors and villains with waxed moustaches, so they know exactly what men need. The Facial Fuel line is one example of a line especially designed for men that includes body scrubs, self-tan lotion, sunscreen and age-fighting moisturisers – try the multi-gel, which doubles as shaving foam or shower gel in one handy tube.

Kiehl’s has everything that you’d expect a good old-fashioned pharmacy to stock: shampoos, conditioners, hand creams, moisturisers, body scrubs, sunscreen, face masks, toners and more! You can find specialised lines for night repair, anti-acne, age-fighting and sun care. And Kiehl’s even has products for pets – check out their dog shampoos and related products, which make sure that every member of the family can benefit from the Kiehl’s tradition.

Not sure where to get started with the Kiehl’s line? A good place to get started is with the Crème De Corps body butter, which features luxurious shea butter and jojoba oil to pamper even the driest skins. It’s a real must for everyone over Canada’s harsh, cold winters, which can really roughen and damage the skin. All of the Crème De Corps line is fantastic for dry skins and some of the most popular products come in a range of sizes – you can buy a whole liter at a time if you want!

Oh yes – there are certain products that Kiehl’s sold in the early days that you won’t be able to buy today. They now know better than to try selling Money Drawing Oil, Attraction Powder and Love Oil! However, if you want the best of modern technology combined with the traditions of using natural ingredients, Kiehl’s continues to be the best!

Click Here to Find Kiehl’s Canada complete line of Products.