Aug 062012

ModCloth - Vintage Clothing
ModCloth is you online store for Women’s vintage clothing! Looking for indie or retro clothing? Well if you are ModCloth online women’s clothing store is the place for you. A ModCloth vintage and modern design is now available to the Canadian online shopper and is just one click away!

ModCloth has a large collection of Retro clothing, handbags, shoes and accessories online. They also carry a line of hard to find vintage swimwear from one piece retro swimsuits, to a two piece polka dot retro swimsuit. But if you’re not looking for a Retro swimsuit not to worry they also care more modern styles as we.

ModCloth collection of cute dresses is what makes their selection of women’s clothing stand out from the others. They of course sell a large selection of indie and vintage style dress but they also will have a dress that will work as your next party dress or maybe a more casual dress maybe what you’re looking for, but not to worry with ModCloth large selection of dresses you will be able to find just what you’re looking for.

Another unique thing about ModCloth website is they have a whole section dedicated to decor and accessories for your home that includes many quirky and cute hard to find designs.

Shopping at ModCloth has now become even easier and less expensive for Canadians since they are now offering lower shipping cost to the Canadian online shopper. With their new USPS/Canada Post shipping option you will be sure to save a lot of shipping and brokerage fees. We have looked at their rates and you would be pleasantly surprises at their low shipping rates to Canada if you’re not in a rush, but if you are they have faster shipping option available at a very reasonable cost as well.
So why not visit ModCloth now by clicking here to see their large selection of Vintage Clothing for Canadian women.