Nov 122012

Have you ever wondered if you could buy the same sorts of products that a dermatologist uses so you can use them in the convenience of your own home without all the hassles of booking appointments and taking time off work to have a particular treatment? Well, the products available from Natural Skin Shop are every bit as good as anything that professional beauticians would use, and (just to make it even easier for you), you can buy them all online and get them shipped to wherever you live in Canada, just like that!
The products that Natural Skin Shop prides itself on providing to the public are its peel treatments. That’s right, you can buy products to give yourself a safe and effective chemical skin peel at home. One of Natural Skin Shop’s most popular product ranges is the peels, and there are plenty to choose from, even if you’ve never tried having a chemical peel before. These peels are based on acids at different concentrations, including salicylic acid and glycolic acid, and you can buy these peels at different strengths. Natural Skin Shop recommends that certain products (e.g. the peels containing high concentrations of acid) should only be used by those who have a lot of experience with using these acids – but for those who are experienced, concentrations up to 70% glycolic acid are available. At the other end of the scale, there are peel pack that have been specially designed for those who want to deal with acne scars and flaky blemishes at home but have never tried a home chemical peel before. The Celebrity Peel kit might be a good place to start, or else the milder Celebrity Peel Gold package.

We advise you to read the instructions and descriptions very carefully for your safety before you buy and the Natural Skin Shop online shop has some very handy hints and tips for customers to help them choose the right products for their skin problems and skin types. And if you’ve never tried a peel before and are afraid that it might hurt, the “Peel Infograph” compares the sensation of a chemical peel to other common experiences – and if you can handle a paper cut or a hangnail, you can handle what it takes to lighten freckles and get rid of acne scars.

But Natural Skin Shop sells more than just chemical peels for home use. In many ways, Natural Skin Shop is something of a one-stop shop when it comes to dealing with acne, as there are oodles of exfoliators, scrubs and other anti-acne products, including masks (and a lot of the peels are designed to help with this very common condition). As well as the anti-acne products, Natural Skin Shop has a range of moisturisers and other products that have been carefully blended with ingredients that have been widely touted as “wonder ingredients”. If you’ve always wondered if it would be worth trying moisturizers with hyaluronic acid or vitamin C, Natural Skin Shop is a good place to start, as many of their moisturizers and hydrating serums have been made using these.

And just in case you have made a mistake when you placed your order and purchased something a bit too strong, you can return products within 14 days of purchase with no questions asked. And if it’s you who wants to ask questions about chemical peels or any of their products before you try them, you can ask one of their staff or look through the FAQ to get guidance and advice.

Buying professional-grade products for home chemical peels and other skin treatments has never been easier, thanks to Natural Skin Shop. Spend a bit of time browsing their site, as they have heaps of helpful information that will guide you in choosing the right product and answering any questions that you might have.

So if you’re looking for skin care products why not visit Natural Skin now, by clicking here to see their great collection of natutal skincare products.