Sep 262012
Christmas Shopping Online

Think it’s too early to think about Christmas and Christmas presents? Think again! Now that September has rolled around and there are a few hints of winter coming, it’s time to think about the holiday season. Only 100 or so sleeps to go, after all.

But before you groan about having to haul yourself down to the stores to hunt for gifts, remember that one of the best places that you can go shopping for gifts is online – right here at Shop Canada 24/7.

Shopping online means that you can be a bit sneaky and surprise your family with great gifts. We all know how hard it can be to keep a gift secret if you buy from a bricks and mortar store, especially if you’re shopping for children. First of all, it’s rather hard to leave them behind when you go shopping, and then you have to pick out their present AND get it home and hidden without them seeing. It’s so much easier when you shop online. You can shop at any time of the day or night, including when they’re in bed or otherwise occupied (and you can use the New Tab or Minimize buttons to hide the catalogue you’re looking at if they float past you while you’re browsing our online catalogue). And if you shop early for Christmas, you can get those secret surprises tucked away into a safe place… even if they’re spotted, there’s a good chance that what you bought will be forgotten come Christmas time.

Shopping online for Christmas gifts also means that you can track down some of the more obscure items that you just won’t find in chain stores. Some of the stores we have partnered with for Shop Canada 24/7 are small boutique outlets that have some really different things. And even when these online stores are located outside Canada, you can be sure that all the items you buy will be shipped to your door anywhere in Canada – and sometimes, they get shipped for free.

Because all the merchants that you can access through Shop Canada 24/7 ship throughout Canada, this makes things a lot easier if you have friends and relatives in other parts of the country. No more fussing around at the post office to send a parcel full of presents from one city to another, and dealing with all the queues that inevitably happen around this busy time of year. Instead, you can get the merchants to ship the gift directly to the recipient – it couldn’t be simpler!

Shopping early is a good way to avoid excess strain on the budget over Christmas time, by spreading out the spending over several months, but you can save even more when you shop online. This is because the merchants don’t have to pay checkout operators, shop assistants or (like many chain stores do over Christmas) extra temp staff. So prices are much, much lower. This is especially the case when you buy directly from the manufacturer and cut out the middle-man, as the old saying goes.

Another reason why shopping online early for Christmas presents is because it means that you can avoid disappointment and you can make sure that you get exactly what you want. All too often, it can be a struggle to get hold of a must-have present, which a physical store only has a limited amount of. Online stores have many more resources handy, and even if an item is so popular that supplies run out, if you shop early, an online merchant will be the one who makes sure that you will get exactly what you want, even if you have to wait a bit for the most popular items. Even more sneakily, you may even find the latest must-have item online before it hits the stores!

Online catalogues make it easier to be inspired if you’re stumped for ideas. Just visitor listed merchants who have a huge range of gifts just a click of a button away, so have a look and have fun doing your Christmas shopping, whether you shop early or closer to the big day itself.