May 012012

UjENA Sexy Bikini SwimwearThe beach, no matter where it is in the world, is almost synonymous with sunshine and with sunbathing. Ever since the 1920s when suntans became fashionable, beaches have been the favourite places for people to go to stretch themselves out wearing their favourite bathing suit.

So what do you wear when you’re sunbathing at the beach? The obvious answer is that you should wear something that exposes plenty of skin so you can maximise your exposure to sunlight. Here, the bikini is the stand-out winner, as this only covers the “bare essentials” and lets you tan the rest. However, the bikini isn’t your only skin-baring choice: a one piece cut with high legs, a low cleavage and plenty of bare back also works superbly halter neck styles allow more of the back to be exposed. Or how about the clever “monokini”, which combines the flesh-baring qualities of the bikini with the one-piece practicality of the one-piece?

Not all bikinis are created equal, and the style of bikini that suits you best really depends on what you like to do at the beach. Super-skimpy Brazilian style bikinis that are barely there are superb if all you want to do at the beach is to lie down, sip a cool drink and read a good book, mixed with a gentle stroll in the shallows and a gentle swim in calm waters. However, if you like being a bit more active or if the waves at your favourite beach are a bit more vigorous, then go for brief cut (or even boyleg) bottoms and more substantial tops or you run the risk of strings untying and straps slipping. One of our faverate online Bikini stores is UjENA Swimwear they offer stylish and sexy nikini swimwear.

Any swimsuit will give you a chance to tan, but this leads to the problem of tan lines. Some women solve the problem by untying the backs of their bikinis while lying prone. Others try using fake tan creams and lotions. However, one solution to the problem of tan lines is to try tan-through swimwear that gives you an all-over tan without compromising your modesty such as the swimwear available from Cooltan Tan Through Shirts & Swimwear.

So, what will you choose to wear for sunbathing at the beach? A bikini or a monokini? A tan-through outfit or a racer-back one-piece? Spend a bit of time browsing to find the perfect swimsuit for you and don’t forget to look out for a cover-up while you’re at it to stay safe in the sun. Why not visit our sister site Swimwear Canada to see the selection of swimwear offered by our partners.

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