Jul 112012

The Bay
What are the advantages of shopping? Why is shopping online better than going to a bricks-and-mortar store? The answer is quite simple – it’s easier and more convenient for you, and can be cheaper, too! At Shop Canada 24/7 we are here to help.

Imagine these very common situations: (1) a person living in a remote location with only a few local shops with a limited product range, (2) a woman with small children who would like to go shopping for clothes or swimsuits, etc. but knows that taking the children along will be a real hassle, (3) someone who is pressed for time thanks to tight deadlines. Many Canadians fall into one or more of these categories – some fall into all three. These are the people for whom online shopping was invented. No more having to drive for hours to find a store with a good range of, say, ceiling tiles. No more trying to pick out an outfit while your kids create havoc and embarrass you by pulling all the clothes off the shelves (or babies screaming that they’re hungry or have a full diaper when you’re in the shop). No more rushing down to the shop during lunch hour and trying to fit in the travel as well as the time to pick out a gift or whatever you’re shopping for.

Shopping online brings a huge range of products to your door, no matter how remote that door is: if you can get the internet and you get the mail delivered, you can get the full range of products. Your children can play with their own toys or even have a nap while you browse an online catalogue at leisure – and if they cry or need attention, you can just leave the browser open or bookmarked so you can come back to it later. And with online shopping, you can do it at any time of the day or night – with a mobile device, you can even shop while riding on public transport.

“But what about the price? Doesn’t the shipping cost put the prices up?” These are very common questions, but never fear. Even with shipping costs, online shopping often comes out cheaper than what you’d pay by going down to a physical shop. How can this be? It’s very simple. A physical shop needs to pay for the power to keep the shop warm and well-lit. An online store doesn’t. A physical shop needs to pay rents, leases or land tax on the shop front as well as the place where the products are kept in storage; an online store just needs the storage area. A physical store needs to pay its employees properly; so does an online store, but the online store doesn’t need anywhere near as many employees to keep going and give good customer service. A physical store has to keep the shop front looking perfect to attract customers; a website for an online store is a lot easier to keep clean. All these things add up, meaning that even with the shipping costs, shopping online is a lot cheaper.

Some people wonder if the companies that run online shops are dubious fly-by-night amateurs who are just out to make a quick buck. We won’t deny that these shady dealers are out there on the Net, but you won’t find them here. We pre-screen every company that we link to on Shop Canada 24/7, meaning that you can shop safely. Your credit card information will stay secure and so will your privacy in general. A lot of the companies we link with are Canadian or US companies, meaning that you’ll be covered by the quality guarantees and consumer protection available in this part of the world, and you probably won’t have any language hassles if you want to contact the company directly.

Shopping online is extremely convenient and easy. And at Shop Canada 24/7, we want to make the process of shopping online much easier for all Canadians.