Dec 152012

H&R Block has many years of experience in the field of finance and tax management. Their expertise has helped them in developing one of the best income tax software in the market. H&R Block Canada’s At Home Tax Software is a great program to help you with your tax needs.


  • Easy interface based on simple questions
  • Can prepare a maximum of 16 returns
  • Deals with all kinds of taxes
  • Tries to give you the maximum possible refund with Refund Maximizer


H&R income tax software is a really useful tool for your tax needs. The program is very straight forward and fairly easy to use. It will ask you a couple of questions while it progresses through different sections. You will have to click all options that are applicable to your return. Your answers will be used to fill the forms. One advantage of the interview style format is that it will help you in finding deductions.

While going through the process, you will have to give details about your family, job, properties and assets. You must check all the options which are applicable, and then the program will ask questions relevant to those only. Doing this helps save time. Remember that providing more information will help the software in giving you the best refund value.

There is also a Refund Maximizer which will help you in availing the maximum refund. A ‘Carry Forward’ feature allows you to upload your tax file for the previous years. This is extremely handy if you used another program in the past, but are now switching to H&R income tax software.

If you have any problems or queries during the entire process, you can always seek help from the Customer Service Department. They will readily address all your issues, and will solve them in a short time period.

System Requirements

H&R income tax software is compatible with Windows XP, Vista or 7, and takes up 25 MB on the hard disk. The screen resolution must be set to 800 x 600 pixels, and the display settings should be 16 bit or 256 color. You will need a printer if you want a printout of the tax forms. An internet connection is also recommended so that you can download the latest updates.

The Bottom Line

H&R Block Canada’s At Home Tax Software is definitely a must have program. The income tax software not only makes the tax process fairly simple, but also gives a maximum refund. The entire process is accomplished within a short time. Compared to other similar programs, the price is also less which makes it feasible for even an average budget.

Moreover, H&R guarantees to refund your money if you find any other income tax software that calculates a greater refund. This is a very attractive feature because if the program does not fulfill your needs, you can have your money back.