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Learn and Master is a series of instructional DVD Training Courses, owned by Legacy Learning Systems. It is aimed at training users in the fields of music and art until they become a maestro in it. The entire series is fun to watch and follows a systematic and sequential pattern. Each skill taught serves as the base for the next one.

Learn and Master is a series of instructional DVD Training Courses
The DVD training courses have been developed so that people can become an expert in their area of interest without having to attend schools or institutes.  Even if people could enroll themselves in these courses, they would still be costly, whereas Learn & Master series is available at very affordable prices. Additionally, they also provide ease, convenience, flexibility and the comfort of one’s own home.


The DVD training courses have been planned in an intuitive way, and are simple to understand. Every lesson teaches the topic from scratch so that beginners and amateurs can also comprehend the material presented. However, the DVD training courses are not meant for novices only, they cater to people of every level. The videos will also teach people who have ample knowledge in the field, and will help them to increase their skills until they become professionals. The good thing is that every user can himself choose the skill level he wants to achieve.

Moreover, students can also access the online support community which will directly connect them to the instructors. They can easily contact them if they have any questions. The online community will also help different students to interact with other students who are using the same DVD training courses.

Offered Courses


Master the art of playing the piano with this course. The Piano course has been developed for both novices and adults. It consists of 20 DVDs, 5 play along CDs and a lesson book. The lesson book is a written version of the instructions being taught on the DVDs, and even provides lyrics of popular songs.


Train your hands on the drum so that the beats sound like music and not just an annoying noise.  The Drums course comprises of 12 DVDs, 5 play along CDs and a lesson book. Just like every Learn and Master Course, the lessons start from the basics and the first few lessons are on creating a rhythmic beat and playing a few popular songs. More advanced techniques have been covered in later lessons.

Ballroom Dance

Sway your body to the music with this Ballroom Dance Course.  You will learn all popular dance forms like waltz, salsa, tango and rumba through 13 DVDs and a lesson book.


Strike the strings and form soothing musical tones. Taught by Steve Krenz, the Learn & Master Guitar course provides complete training on playing this musical instrument. The course has even won numerous awards like the AEGIS Award for Excellence in Education and the Acoustic Guitar Magazine ‘Players’ Choice’ GOLD Award.

Learn & Master Guitar Series comprise of 20 DVDs in HD quality that are longer than 40 hours. In addition, there are 5 Jam along CDs and a lesson book.

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