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TurboTax Income Tax Software formerly known as QuickTax Canada comprises of numerous applications which have been developed by Intuit Canada. This organization is a leading provider of financial and tax management solutions.

If you have not already filled your tax forms as yet, then do purchase any of the products in the TurboTax Income Tax Software category. There are plenty of reasons for doing so. The Personal tax software range comprises of online editions, downloadable software packages, CD software and even a mobile application. The available versions are Standard, Premier, Home and Business, Student and even a free limited software package.

Reasons for Choosing TurboTax Income Tax Software

TurboTax Canada Personal Tax Software
A suitable product for everyone: There are many types of products available, and every individual can find a suitable one for themselves.

A step by step procedure: The software will allow you to accomplish your tax needs in simple steps, which are easy to understand, and guarantee a maximum refund. You will be asked a few questions, and you have to give simple answers. The return is then mapped out so that you know your current position, and what is left of the process. Every aspect of return is in your hands, and you can easily control it.

Guarantees: TurboTax Income Tax Software offers many guarantees that will be of utmost help in the process. It is 100% accurate, and will help you in availing the maximum possible refund. Moreover, if you are not satisfied with the product, you can get your money back.

Customer Services: The customer service department is always there to answer your queries and solve your problems. You can contact them via email, chat or phone.

Key Features

TurboTax Income Tax Software has great features which you can easily use to your advantage. You may choose any product from their vast range, but you will still be able to access all of the key features mentioned here.

Less Time: The program has been designed such that the process takes the minimum time possible.

Instant Impact on Refund: You can view the impact of your deductions on refunds as soon as you enter them. This will allow you to make changes then and there.

Life Changes: You have to provide information on any new event in your life like a marriage, children or a new residence. Once again, you will immediately be able to see their effects on your refund.

RRSP Optimizer: You will be able to see how your tax refunds increase in accordance to RRSP contribution amounts. This will help you in making wise decisions about the most ideal RRSP contributions.

Pension Splitter: If you split your income with your spouse, you will have to pay a lesser amount. However, this is only applicable if you have CPP or corporate income. The software will also suggest an ideal distribution if you want.

Deduction Toolbox: You can claim numerous deductions in Canada, but only a few people know this. TurboTax Income Tax Software will search all offers for which you are eligible, and you can avail them. Doing this will result in a bigger tax income.

So if you’re looking for Personal Tax Software why not visit TurboTax Income Tax Software, by clicking here to see their great collection of Income Tax software.

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