Jan 202013

TurboTax Canada Small Business Tax Software programs have been developed by Intuit Canada, which is a renowned organization in the finance and tax management industry. The Canadian Small Business Income Tax Software comprises of an online version, a downloadable application and even a setup on CD. You can choose any product you like depending on your needs.

TurboTax Canada Small Business Tax Software

Quick Facts

  • A step by step process
  • 100% accurate
  • Can prepare a maximum of 16 returns
  • Guarantees maximum refund
  • Provides the maximum possible refund and maximizes deductions
  • Capable of identifying industry specific deductions
  • Helps you in availing special programs so that you can get the maximum refund
  • Simplifies the asset depreciation process
  • Can create forms for your employers as well

Reasons for Choosing TurboTax Software

  • Step by Step Process: The Canadian small business income tax software fills out the forms by asking you simple questions. The questions are fairly easy and straightforward, and giving suitable answers is not a complicated procedure.
  • Functionality: TurboTax Canadian Small Business Income Tax Software will figure out all deductions applicable to your industry by itself. Moreover, it will also help you in spotting those deductions which you overlook.
  • Customer Service: Intuit Canada has a great customer service department which will readily solve your problems. You can contact them through email, phone or live chat 24/7/356.
  • Time Saving: The program is efficient and fast, and so saves a considerable amount of time. All your business taxes will be completed well within the deadline.
  • Affordability: The Canadian Small Business Income Tax Software is available at a modest price.


The Canadian Small Business Income Tax Software by TurboTax is a great tool to help you in all your tax issues, and will guide you out during the whole process.  It is capable of giving you the maximum refund possible and will maximize your deductions. The program checks all returns twice at every step so that you can get as many deductions as possible.
You can use the software to cover your tax returns for Multi-Member LLCs, Partnerships, S Corporations, C Corporations and Estates and Trusts. The Canadian Small Business Income Tax Software will automatically configure the question and answer sessions to your business type.
The program checks all sections thoroughly after you fill the form, and highlights all those problem areas which might result in an audit. Not only this, it even provides you with possible solutions that will resolve these issues.
Moreover, Intuit Canada has an excellent customer service department and technical support team that are there for you every time. You can contact them whenever a problem strikes, and they will solve it effectively.

The Bottom Line

TurboTax Canada Small Business Tax Software tops the list of Canadian tax management solutions because of its convenience, simplicity, speed and accuracy. The program is effective at reducing your stress levels and makes the entire process as easy as ABC. So why not check them out now by Clicking Here.