Welcome to Shop Canada 24/7!


Welcome to Shop Canada 24/7! We are proud Canadians and we want to give other Canadians the best deals possible when it comes to online shopping. Shopping online is as popular here in Canada as it is in other parts of the world, and we want to make the process as easy as possible.

Don’t you just hate it when you find what looks like a great online store that carries great products at a great price… and then you find that they don’t ship to Canada! We hate this sort of thing as much as you do, so we’ve decided to save you time and hassle by finding all the really good online stores for clothing, swimwear, and other awesome products for your home, and we’ve made sure that every single one of them is either from Canada or else that they ship products to Canada without costing the earth.

Shop Online Canada 24/7When you browse through our merchant listings you’ll notice that we have highlighted the Canadian shipping options for you. Just to take one example, the very popular Ujena swimwear line, Canadians can get what they want sent to them for a shipping fee of just $9.95 if you order up to six items, or you can get as much as you like for a shipping fee of $18.95. And no matter where you live in Canada, you’ll get your order as quickly as possible whether you’re in one of the big cities like Ottawa, Calgary, Winnipeg or Toronto; or whether you’re somewhere more remote place like Whitehorse or Yellowknife.

Now, the internet is a big place and quite few companies have the good sense to ship items to Canada we’re just over the border from the US, after all – so from time to time, we will be showcasing some of the best merchants. This will give you the chance to see a range of great products at great prices, and learn more about the companies you are buying for. You never know – even if the highlighted merchant doesn’t carry something you want right now, you might one day need or want, say, ceiling tiles or plus-size clothing… and you’ll know just where to go. You’ll also be able to find out which companies offer loyalty programs or club membership deals.

One of the things that some people miss when they shop online compared to going to a bricks-and-mortar shop is that you don’t have helpful advice from the shopping assistants. We want to change all that, and we’ll regularly post articles with advice and information that we’re sure will help you through your shopping experience. And one good thing about these articles as opposed to a real, live shopping assistant is that these articles won’t tell you that you look like a supermodel in a neon orange horse blanket.

We’ll be upfront about this – we do get a commission on some sales, but we don’t want to push something tacky or poor quality. All of the products we promote are things we’d buy for ourselves – or at least that we would buy for ourselves if we needed 12X men’s clothing, to take one example.

What sorts of products will you find associated with Shop Canada 24/7? Quite a big range, really. Here’s a selection:

  • Women’s swimwear – all styles and sizes, ranging from tiny sexy bikinis to mastectomy swimsuits to plus-size swimwear.
  • Plus size clothing – for men and women.
  • Ceiling tiles – making renovating and redecorating a breeze.
  • Clothing for children – everything you need for every child in your family, from newborns to teenagers.
  • Skincare products – creams, lotions and other potions to keep you looking good.
  • Lingerie – pretty, practical and perky, all presented in good taste.
  • Halloween costumes – get the whole family, including the dog, kitted out for the holidays.
  • And we are adding more merchants and information weekly.

Ready to stop reading and get shopping? Nothing easier just follow the link to our most reset post or have a look at our catalogues to get you started!

We’re about making the process of online shopping easier for Canadians from both sides of the business. If you’re a small Canadian manufacturer who has an online store that you would love to promote to your compatriots, drop us a line and we’ll see what we can do about letting our visitors know about your products.